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Selling vs. Recommending A paradigm shift?

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Posted 3rd February 2009 at 10:56 AM by fxmmorale

Did you know that one of the reasons many marketers have difficulty making money online has to do with their thinking when it comes to "selling?"

Often times the connotation of sales is associated with taking advantage of someone else for personal gain.

Is that how you feel? I know, I used to feel that way too.

A Paradigm Shift

In order to build a business that will endure, it is important to adjust our view of what our business actually represents.

Does it exist solely to 'get money' or is it to provide a service that brings benefits? A simple shift in thinking can give us the needed boost to provide the kind of service we have to offer without feeling "guilty" or "dirty" about it.

If we're more than just peddlers of internet marketing products than our thinking will move us to make the needed recommendations to our customers for their benefit.

Don't you hate when this happens...

You search high and low for the best deal, you comparison shop so you can get the best buy and it's only after you bought that 'thigamajig' for $99, someone always comes along and says: "you should've told me you were looking for that, there was a sale on xyz product over at... you could've got that 'thigamajig' for $37 bucks!

So when it comes to making recommendations for products or services, it should be because we honestly feel that we are helping our customers to get a good deal whether it's in price or value.

Sometimes the price may be high, but if the value is there and the product or offer can solve the problem, it's better to make the recommendation, than to let it go unmentioned.

With this kind of thinking we are looking after our customers instead of "looking for ways to profit from them".

Profits are the by-product of good service and well-intentioned recommendations.

To your success,
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