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Making Money Online Should Only Cost You $77 Once

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Posted 23rd April 2009 at 02:38 AM by fxmmorale
Updated 23rd April 2010 at 02:59 PM by fxmmorale (Broken Links)

Here's a question: "how many $77 products do you own that all say the same thing?" If you are buying up everything in sight, when will you start making money? There is always going to be an irresistable offer that could possibly be the game changer for you, but if you're not playing the game, then it don't matter.

Sit down for a second and think about how much money you've spent on all the products you've bought. Now think about all the time you've invested online trying to make money. Do the two add up? There are a ton of ways to start banking from the internet and this forum is full of them, but which one are you actively pursuing?

Can I give you a simple business plan that you can work with? If you said 'no', too bad I'm doing it anyway :-)

Here it is:

Autoresponder Content

Depending on your niche, find a good amount of content that you can use to fill up your autoresponder with. If you have a lot of knowledge with your particular market, then it should be easy to come up with. If not find some plr or look at what others are writing about and create your own unique articles from the information.

Load up at least 20 - 30 messages in your autoresponder. The first 4 or 5 can be a pitch for a product your promoting. Mix the message with a little bit of content and lead into your pitch with a check it out link at the end. In your P.S. remind them to check out the offer before the price goes up or while supplies last.

With your autoresponder you can send messages at intervals of every three or four days.

1. Content
4days later
2. Freebie
4days later
3. Content
4days later
4. Your Affiliate or Product Offer


Create A Squeeze Page

Put together a squeeze page or lead capture page with an offer that will make your visitors mouth water. A couple of quick ideas:

1) Create an enticing headline and bullet points that sell the value of the content in your autoresponder or

2) Offer a free report, video or ebook and sell the value with your bullet points and ask for the opt in.

Go Get Em'

Now that you've got your autoresponder and offer set up, you've got to get people to it. Ah yes, Traffic. There are about a million ways from sunday to do this, but if you're like most people, you only have 24 hours in a day and can't work them all at one time, sooo...

You can do article submissions - write articles and submit them to various directories

There's also article marketing - this is when you contact ezine newsletter owners related to your niche and offer you're article for publication in their online newsletter. If it gets picked up, you will have access to an audience of thousands quickly.

Then there's Social Bookmarking, and the web 2.0 sites that carry high page rank that you can easily pass on to your website. This is basic stuff, but regardless of what kind of products come out, it continues to work over and over again. Oh and let me not forget, you can start blogging and link to your squeeze page within your posts to drive more traffic.

The best blogs IMHO are self hosted WordPress Blogs, once you've got the necessary plugins hooked up, they start sucking in traffic rapidly.

A Concluding Illustration

Imagine your internet like a store in cyberspace. The merchandise that you have to offer in your store are the content and offers that you have in your autoresponder. The enticing appearance of your store from the outside can be likened to your squeeze page with your alluring and intriguing offer that draws your visitor to want to know more.

The location of your store is right in the heart of the market that would be most interested in what you're selling and would more than generate enough customer traffic to make you money, based on the value your merchandise has to offer.

I know, I know, you would rather pay $77 for this information. I understand, but you should only have to pay $77 once to learn how to make money online.

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