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SEO Tricks: Hacks to Dominate the Search Engine Results

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Posted 29th December 2013 at 11:45 AM by Gary Pettit

The best way of getting traffic on the internet is through the organic search engine results. One does not need to pay any money per click to be seen in these listings. Search engine optimization (SEO), that is the science of manipulating the search engine results, is quite competitive. However, if you know the following SEO tricks, you will have a big leg up on your competition.

One way of getting an advantage in the search engine rankings is by using someone else's domain authority. It is much easier to rank a site on Squidoo or Weebly which have tons of existing links flowing into them, than creating a brand new site from scratch. This is even more true after the recent Penguin 2.1 Google update. Youtube videos, in particular, are unusually easy to rank because the normal penalties that Google normally applies to other sites for sending poor quality links do not seem to apply to its own site, Youtube.

One of the lesser known SEO tricks is to construct your website using what is called a silo architecture. A silo architecture consists of a layered structure where all the pages are grouped together in related categories. Links are carefully placed from page to page within any given category and back to the parent category. This helps to send optimal link juice to each page and assists Google in properly classifying the pages. It is estimated that a siloed site can rank with 90% less inbound links than with a non-siloed site.

Another important trick is to buy expiring domains. Many people get sick of their website and allow them to just expire. However, many of these sites have valuable Page Rank and a ton of good links going into them. It would be ashamed to see all of these links go to waste. So you can actually buy these domains relatively cheaply prior to expiration and then put your own content back on them, linking to your site. By constructing a large private blog network using this technique, you can dramatically improve the quality of the backlinks coming to your site and really boost you search engine rankings.

The creation of link pyramids is another cool trick that can help you to boost your rankings. A link pyramid usually starts of several Web 2.0 properties such as WordPress, Weebly, or Blogger with high quality content pointing to your site. Then another level of links are sent to these properties to boost the link juice that is pointing to your site. Then a third level of links is sent to these links to boost them, and so on. This can be a very powerful strategy. It can also take time, which is a reason many people use tools such as Magic Submitter or SE Nuke to automate the posting of hundreds of different articles all over the internet.

Getting an edge in the search engine rankings is not always easy. However with the above SEO tricks, you should have a much easier time getting there.

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