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Using ClickBank As A Gateway To Making Great Affiliate Profits Online

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Posted 19th November 2012 at 10:41 AM by gcbmark20
Updated 20th November 2012 at 01:48 PM by Janet Sawyer (Forced optins are not allowed.)

Many newcomers to the Internet still haven't heard of this massive affiliate warehouse that they can take massive advantage of as a way of making living through affiliate marketing. If you were to jump straight in and begin to create information products you wanted to sell online yourself; there would be a huge amount of skills you would have to develop in order to make decent profits from your information products. You would have to know how to write good sales copy, produce great sales letters, know how to create an original product, how to recruit affiliates and so much more.

Luckily you do not have to develop the skills because you can simply delve into the massive archive of products at Clickbank and begin promoting them as soon as you become a member. To become a member you do not have to pay any fees and it is 100% free for you to join. There are tons of affiliate products you can promote that come with pre-written sales copy that allow you to simply promote them and enjoy up to being paid 75% commissions on some of the products that are listed at Clickbank.

To get a good idea of what is selling at Clickbank; you can get to know who are the big gun marketers within your niche and join their e-mail lists. Not all of the products they promote to you will be from this site alone but you can learn a great deal from how they market to you and get a good idea of what is selling out that present time. Some affiliate's are making five figure sums a month because they are wisely creating relationships with people via e-mail long before they recommend these affiliate products to them. This strategy greatly increases their chances of making an affiliate commission from the people they have built up a relationship with first rather than just trying to sell to them straight away.

You would be wise to make a decision to build up trust with your site visitors before recommending affiliate products to them. You can simply set up a blog and drive traffic to it and collect peoples e-mail addresses and begin to build a list of subscribers. This is how the big time affiliate marketers make a full-time living from their efforts as the days of simply sending someone to a sales page have well and truly gone by the wayside. You can simply add a lead capture form onto your web page that allows you to offer a free gift that is directly related to what you are going to be selling at an affiliate further down the line.

One great strategy you can use in order to promote the freshest products that are going to be Clickbank is to go and join JV Notify Pro.com and see all the up-and-coming big product launches that are about to be released prior to most affiliate marketers knowing about them. Once you begin to learn who the big marketers are who develop good product's that can benefit your list of subscribers; you can simply apply to become an affiliate there and get access to these affiliate products before they become over marketed making them harder to sell.

There are also tons of recurring paying commission affiliate products that you can choose to promote. These allow you to refer once and then get paid every month for as long as the buyer continues their membership with your recommended affiliate product.

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