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Is Your WordPress Site SLOW ? - Here Is Why - Most Importantly, Here Is The Fix WithOut Cache ! ! !

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Posted 14th October 2012 at 03:39 PM by Genio

My site had really slowed down and in the end I found it to be attributed to changing my permalinks to:


a better permalink structure is:


per WP Codex as explained here:

So really, don’t use just /%postname%/ as your permalink structure. | Digging into WordPress

and here:

Category in Permalinks Considered Harmful » Otto on WordPress



instead of:


keeps the same link name structure,
but most of all is much faster per WP Rewrite rules,
in short, does not slow down your WordPress, My WP Admin
section had started to load really slow and my frontend site was
slow I was optimizing my databases and everything trying to figure
out the problem until I finally discovered this information.

And if one really wants speed in their backend Admin section it's best not to use a Custom Permalink at all and just stick with the WP defaulf permalink structure:

It's less parsing on WordPress part and direct to the Page ID, thus direct to the Page, you can test the difference in speed by simply going to the Post or Page section and clicking "Add New" page or post, you will see the difference.

According to the article the whole thing about a custom permalink helping SEO is not true, besides you always have your title for that, as for me I prefer to have my site faster on the frontend and the backend.

And if you must insist on running a Cache Plugin, the below Cache Plugin works even with WordPress Permalinks Default setting, ex.: (World's Tiniest Super Cache)

Combining the two changes, first in your Permalink structure and then the addition of World's Tiniest Super Cache FREE plugin you are going to notice eye-blinking speed in your website and most importantly in your backend Admin section when you go to click "Add New" post or page, the way WordPress was suppose to operate, maybe that explains why the original "Default" permalink setting works faster, it's WordPress original design setting, all other Permalink settings require more parsing on WordPress's part and it a intensive parsing process (read the above articles for a better explaination).

Then you can use the two Speed BenchMark Services to test before and after, with a cache plugin and without, either way just changing your Permalink structure from %postname%/ to /posts/%postname%/ or even the even faster default of you are going to notice a significant change in speed in the frontend and and backend of your website:

Blu-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha !
"The Marketing Scientist"
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