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Posted 20th December 2008 at 05:05 AM by getric15

Some have found themselves in the business of Affiliate Marketing by providence.
Some others find themselves in it by ‘mistake’, while yet others are into it
By design and training. Irrespective of the link through which anyone entered affiliate marketing, one thing for which they remain there stands sure: money making.
In Affiliate Marketing there are those who create their own products and those who professionalize in helping to sell other people’s products on the other hand.

The issue here is not whether one creates one’s own product or whether one sells other people’s products. The crop of the matter is the emotions and self pressure that are involved. This automatically translates into worries, anxiety and sometimes disappointments.

What then results from this unsolicited state of mind? Stress of course. These are worries of life which may not have been better avoided if one did not pitch with Affiliate Marketing. The same thing is almost always true for those who are in offline business that commit their money like the affiliate marketer that creates his products. It will not be far from the truth to speak same for the offline businessman who helps to sell products for the manufacturing company on commission basis.

When it comes to handling stress problem shooting out of affiliate marketing, although seeking other people’s opinion can do some justice, the affiliate marketer’s survival is down to his own understanding of his condition and his ability to initiate techniques which will help him to control his reactions to the problem of not meeting his affiliate marketing expectations.

Stress: A Necessary Evil

In his book,War And Peace, Leo Toistoy says “our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on it if unhindered and let it defend itself. It will do more than if you paralyze it encumbering it with remedies”
Considering Toistoy’s view, I think he s right in principle. It is absolute that people make do with whatever life brings to them.

Nevertheless, it is common place to find occasions and experiences that turn off people’s equilibrium and sometimes cause serious consequences to their physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and which may require remedies.
This is the state of the Affiliate Marketer whose over raised hope seems not to be forthcoming due to ignorance and neglect on his part.

This situation in which the Affiliate Marketer finds himself has been described as “stress”
It is correct therefore to say that stress describes the experiences themselves or just the way such experiences are reacted to? The two sides of a coin make up the coin. So both the experiences-mostly unpalatable ones of a course- and the way the affiliate marketers react to them constitute and bring about stress, in most cases, negative stress.

There is no doubt that a common experience could be had by a group of persons but this could be reacted to differently. No wonder therefore that some are able to resist it and become successful, while some others give it in quickly and become a failure.
From this exposition, it is crystal clear to know that people do not only react differently to a given situation. But even the intensity of the reaction varies from person to person,
As we have understood “stress” to be the nonspecific response of the body to any demand, whether it be caused by, or result in, pleasant and unpleasant conditions, what then can be done by the affiliate marketer to only have the positive stress, the necessary stress?

This is a multi million question whose answer is more ‘gravitous’. For a quick answer to this, check: http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com/main/25268
Needless to mention that stress, no matter the kind, is not harmful.
What turns it on in man generally include basic feelings or urge expressed as hunger, thirst and tiredness, without which man would not go looking for the food, drink and rest which help to keep the body alive, fit and well.

To the affiliate marketer, as indeed it is to the internet marketer, stress provides the stimuli to physical, mental social and spiritual growth as the various needs are met.
So stress is a stimulant to growth and development in affiliate marketing in particular and through life in general. Stress is not merely exertion of pressure in a man’s nervous system. It is not always non definite result of damage. It is not something to shy away from. Complete freedom from it is death. This is one enough reason why you should keep it up or sign p with affiliate marketing if you had not before now.
See you at the top!

Matthew Unakpa
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