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Posted 28th December 2008 at 09:54 AM by getric15

I know what you are thinking about the topic of this article: It is not possible. Am I right?

There is no harm in doubting. Alright, maybe you will have a bit of conviction when I say you can rake in $1,500 every month using the power of blogging. How? You see, you have become curious now.

There is no doubt that many people – including some internet marketers – believe that they can only make money when they market special products which could be referred to as “make money” products. They strongly believe that internet marketing is not it when these so-called products are side tracked. This is an unfortunate misconception.

To get it clear, let us look at what internet marketing is once again.

It is about selling products and services as a creator or designer of such products or services and pocketing the money or for commission when marketing for others on the internet. If the afore-going describes online marketing accurately well, it then means you can do without the so-called “make money” products and look into marketing other highly profitable niches.

At first you might seem to be discouraged by your bad feelings that you are not making a headway compared to those who have been in the race and have many years of experience. Never mind, you can get rich still.

Needless to say that a number of areas that can be delved in to get rich, abound on the internet. One thing is to know what exactly to do online to get rich.

Simple! Identify people’s problems and proffer solutions to such problems. Your blog could be a solution centre for instance. Think about this. Human beings generally are happy when their problems are solved. Take for instance, man who is suffering from diabetes will not hold back a minute when he is told that there is solution to his problem somewhere. I am quite sure such a person would race down to where he is told there is cure for his toothache. Your website or blog could be a solution centre. There are many other things to be done on the net to make money . The problem remains: what is it exactly to go for online.

In this article I will expose the fact to you that blogging on the areas mentioned below can get you rich. First, find out the bestsellers online books and blog on them.To find out bestsellers go to sites like , , , and find out what people are clamoring for. Yet this is not enough. What is enough is to be able to pick out the top sellers among them and start blogging on them. Another way to know bestsellers is by going to physical bookshops to ask questions about and scan bestsellers. You could also check newspapers that have book review columns to spy on bestsellers and start to blog on them.

Secondly, search out human problems that are always there or that are “all time”. By this I mean problems that are associated with humanity and that ‘must’ always be present with man and start blogging on them. Some examples of such problems include health failure, poverty, lack of love, child abuse, problems of how to handle teenagers, etcetera.

Thirdly, sign up with and begin to receive mails in your email box .These are mails that are packed full of useful information from which you can benefit. You can start blogging based on the information you receive.

I know by now you are wondering where the mentioned $1,500 monthly is coming from, talkless of getting rich blogging. Hold your peace still! What else can I say? The next thing is to get a shop where to display or market your wares. I mean get a site where to blog. There are paid and free sites. The choice is yours. I would recommend paid a site as you would have control over it. This is unlike free sites where there is limit you can go. However if you choose to settle with free a site, you can go to . But if I were you I would opt for a paid site. Better still why not settle for a site that can be freely built for you after you had paid for your domain name and the hosting. I recommend Host4Profit in this case. You can sign up with Host4Profit at . When there, scroll down and click on Host4Profit banner and straight you are there for registration.


What obtains in the internet world is not too different than what obtains in the physical world. For example, a supermarket that is well stocked with important, useful and needful items without customers can never record any sales. In like manner, a website or blog, irrespective of its beauty and richness vis-a-vis content without visitors is as good as non existent. This will consequently defeat the dream of its owner.

So to avoid a defeated dream and rake in money using your blog, you must take the following steps:


The first step is to start creating content for your blog. The type of content you create has to do with what the blog is all about. Your content must be in consonance with what your blog is all about. If your blog is about Love and Marriage, the content you create should be about love and marriage. If your blog is about Toothache, then the content for your blog should be one that gives information about toothache.

Content for blogs can be inform of articles, audios, book reviews, etcetera, which should be related to what the blog is about.

Keep your blog alive by feeding it wit new content regularly. Let your visitors meet new content each time they visit. If there is any reason why you cannot create content by yourself, you can hire people to do it for you. Go to sites like , , , and hire a writer to do the job for you.


Apart from making money promoting affiliate products by way of earning commission, you can also make money from pay-per-click program. You are paid a certain amount each time your visitor clicks on the ad on your blog irrespective of whether he buys or not. You can sign up for this program with , , , , ,


Now that your blog is content-ready and has pay-per-click program set up, the next step is bringing people to visit your site. This is called “traffic’. How much you are able to generate per day and how successful your website or your blog will be is determined by how much traffic follows to your website or blog, as well as the quality of such traffic.

The question now is how can traffic be driven to your website or blog? Adopt the following systems:

System 1:

Make sure you ping your blog each time you add something new to it.
Pinging your blog means announcing it to related sites. You can go over to and ping your blog. I do same.

System 2:

Write a number of articles and send them out to article sites such as , , . Before submitting your articles, make sure you give links to your blog at the bottom. This will enable those that read your articles to reach your website or blog.

System 3:

You can sign up an account with and up load your articles in form of ebook format, audio, etcetera, to the site where millions of people definitely will view them when they are stumbled upon. The reason for your submission of articles should not be forgotten: to drive traffic to your website or blog. So put your website’s or blog’s address at the bottom of each of the materials you submit.

System 4:

Register in different forums. Forums are discussion points where ideas are shared and matters of interest are discussed on the internet. Try to be active as it is a good way to get traffic to your site. Ensure that you have your site link at the bottom of every post you make. I encourage you join forums such as , ,

Are you still thinking about what you can blog on? Think about the following niches:
Consulting, Office furniture, Toothache, Teeth whitening, Games, Diabetes, Cancer, Bankruptcy, Home gym, Mortgage, Gardening, Tax, Dating, Marriage, Love, Dog training, Stocks, Soft wares, Photography, Insurance, Debt recovering, Loans, Car repairs, Adoptions, Cookery, Baby sitting, Fishery, Bird rearing, Consulting, Driving, Crèches.

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