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How Much Should You Charge From Your Consulting Clients?

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Posted 21st October 2015 at 11:27 PM by Glad Warrior

This is a bad topic to talk about. People starts calling me moron when I tell them they can charge $10,000 upfront + $2,500/month for 5 hours/week work from your clients.

If you think you cannot charge $10k upfront + $2,500 per month – You are right, you can’t.

If you do not believe you are not worth that much, you will never be able to charge $10k fees


Consulting is 90% confidence and 10% knowledge and execution. Clients pay for your confidence to change their situation. They don’t need SEO, SMM, PPC, Facebook marketing or any other shiny object. They want to solve their problems. That’s a topic for another day.

Never Have a Set Consulting Fees

I don’t have a set fee for all my clients. Sometimes I charge $1,000 upfront and $350/m. Sometimes it’s $2,000 upfront and $500/m and higher. I don’t have a set fee in my mind when I go to my client’s office. How do I know how much to charge unless I know how much value can I add to their bottom-line?

Sometimes they ask for the fee upfront and my reply is usually:

“Mr business owner, I don’t know what I will charge you. My fees will depend on how much value I will bring in to your business and that will only be clear when I complete my questionnaire, so can we continue?”.

The biggest mistake is having a set fee for every client. This is what every consultant and service provider does. They walk in with a proposal with a stated fee on it. This is SHIT!

How To Determine Consulting Fees?

Now this is interesting. After going through the questionnaire with the business owner I know exactly how much value and money I can add to the business. If a business owner does not have:

An autoresponder on his website
Less than industry standard conversion rate
Untrained sales staff
No landing page
No leads coming in daily
No upsells
No joint ventures
If that business is doing $100k/m without all these things, I know I can add extra $10-15k per month. You wouldn’t believe, how much money can be made just by adding upsells on every offer.

So once I know I can add $10k/m on my client’s business, I charge them around $5k upfront + $1000/m.

Show them the numbers of how much extra revenue you are expecting to bring in, they will see the value themselves!
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