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The rubber meets the road

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Posted 19th March 2009 at 11:59 AM by glenn0728

So this was my first real test. I took a keyword that had 217 searches a day and an average of 93 clicks per day. If I could get to #1, I'm sure I could have started to make some sales for affiliate amazon programs, or at least get some adwords clicks.

Here's what I did:

1. Fully SEO optimize the wordpress blog for the keyword "web design work"
2. post 5 articles, fully optimized for "web design work" to the blog
3. post the same 5 articles to squidoo, and link to the main page
4. post the same 5 articles to hubpages, and link to the main page
5. submit the 5 articles to Ezine
6. create a bloglines blog and link
7. submit to "go" articles
8. social bookmark every existing page so far in most of the major social submitter sites. I use "social bookmarker" and Onlywire.
9 create a google group with the optimized keyword.
10. I spend almost 2 days doing manual linking of relevant sites. this includes google groups, high PR sites, blogs with similar keywords. It was very time consuming.

This got my page to climb to the rank of #7 at its highest. From there however, several hours later, the ranking began to drop, and its now sitting at #40.

Here are 2 observations: the sites that are really high on the search list are starting to look very professional. When I did the "oracle 11i" competition, the #1 ranked sites fo that keyword were not well put together at all, and it was an easy win. These sites are well put together and professional looking. I'm worried if I can compete with them to get higher in the rankings.

So here's what I'm wondering:
1. is this normal to have a site rank high and then drop back a lot lower at first?
2. was the reason I didn't get higher due to a number of articles (only 5) that were writen?
3. What could I have done to do better in this case?

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong... I submitted every page of the site to every last one of the social submitter sites, but I'm still getting a low ranking of #40.
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