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Warrior Forum - A Contest & a Revelation

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Posted 7th August 2008 at 09:04 PM by greenovni

I posted a few step by steps tutorial as an entry to Allen’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 giveaway contest over at the warrior forum.

The question to answer was :
If you were talking to someone brand new to the Internet and they asked you how could they make money in the shortest time possible, what would you tell them?

The thread rapidly filled with a ton of information and tutorials. The kind you would pay quite a bit of $$ for in the form of courses & e-books.

My 2 little posts generated some private messages for me and one of them “touched” me.

This is the story and the revelation at the end.

“I received a PM from a fellow warrior who says that he is new and broke and would like to make $ with IM

Being the promotional type of guy that I am I told him that I was making a few grand a month following the method in my ebook.

He proceeded to take a look at the sales page and told me that he was that broke so he would not be able to purchase it.

I turned around and gave him a copy of the book for free this morning and he wrote back that it was something that sounded pretty cool to him.

In order to motivate him I took a screen shot of one of the niches I promote (dating) and showed him that within the last 2 months on that particular niche I have made $1,928 in a step by step fashion.

So I asked him for his phone number and called him and offered to personally mentor him for free and have him making money within 48 hours all for free since he is broke.

Of course he agreed and between today and tomorrow I’ll help him set up all the little things he needs to get started, teach him via instant messenger & phone calls how to generate the traffic needed and will also teach him how to expand the concept so he could build it to at least $100 per day within a month.

The revelation

It hit me like a ton of bricks as soon as I gave him a free copy of my book.

Will he be like the rest of the herd and get/buy an e-book/course with a clear step by step plan and not take action?

The warrior forum & this blog are full of ideas, golden nuggets, methods, e-books, courses & many other ways imaginable to make money online.

The problem is that you have to take action!

The information that you purchased or downloaded somewhere will not make you any money sitting on your hard drive collecting virtual dust. You have to put it to work.

You do not understand the information? Ask someone who does!

If you are not making any money online the problem is not the course, the problem is you!

Eliminate the problem by just taking action using what you learned today.

A good update: My "mentee" has taken massive action and is finally making money online.
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  1. New Comment

    Kudos for YOU!

    I couldn't agree more.

    And kudos to you for *caring* - there is far too little of that now a days. GOOD FOR YOU!

    Let us know how it is going for him; it would be a great piece for people to read.

    Best Regards, Melanie

    Investigative Resources LLC
    Unlisted Phone Number Searches & Background Checks
    Posted 7th August 2008 at 10:05 PM by privateye2500 privateye2500 is offline
  2. New Comment
    Jose Delgado's Avatar
    You must be a great mentor.

    Good Job Green.
    Posted 8th August 2008 at 01:19 PM by Jose Delgado Jose Delgado is offline

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