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Video Marketing and Should One Use Monetization On Their Youtube Channel.

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Posted 4th December 2012 at 01:12 PM by gregoryburrus

I have let’s say many, many YouTube accounts and I love video marketing but the question I see asked constantly is should one use Google Ad monetization on their YouTube channel?

If you develop the account for ad revenue from Google (fast and massive video development with fast video submissions) then let Google monetize your YouTube channel and get your income as your business strategy is video monetization and you want the money from "the ads" not your video content.

However if it is about video marketing for your business and you really want folks to see your content then stick with your own monetization scheme. Stay far away from the YouTube ads, my reasons are simple as we tend to forget the basics of business when doing business online.

1. What's Your Business Model -?

If you are truly running a business, and this was offline, why would anyone open a store and stick everybodyelse's ads in their doorway and let the potential customer who may have come to your channel ready to buy credit card in hand, decide hmm maybe I will go into your store or I will go somewhere else because of an ad that you the store owner put there.

If you would not do it in the real world, why do it in the online world. Talk ABOUT ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, YOU TOLD THEM To TELL YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER TO GO AWAY.

2. Short Attention Spans.

Everybody states that when a visitor comes to your site, you have about 5 seconds to get that visitors attention. Google even measures bounce rate in seconds. Now think of the fact that in this internet world, people and especially the younger generation have an attention span of 5 seconds so with the video monetization, your potential customer will never see your video because of their short attention span as the Google video ADS at best, say cancel the ad in 5 seconds.

So now you are putting up a video, so Google gets the FIRST 5 seconds, NOT YOU and on top of that, if the customer wants to see your video, you make the potential customer work as they have to click a link to cancel the AD. Not going to happen.

3. Your budget, Your Content and The Google Ads Video Quality.

You need to take the time to review the videos they put up on your channel. They are awesome in some cases and extremely appealing and extremely attractive.

Think about the quality, the content and your budget to make YOUR videos and then think of their budget much less anything else that Google has for their videos.

4. Your Call To Action Placement Link:

Another minor but important issue since people are now more aware but I still see folks doing it wrong. People develop awesome videos and proudly input their call to action link at the bottom.

And what happens Google Ads are showed right at the bottom and covers the call to action link. The place everybody was told to put the link for years.

So the call to action links needs to be somewhere other than the bottom and even worse is all the older videos still have links at the bottom which means the potential video viewer sees for first 5 to 30 seconds are all Google ADs not the Call to action Link.

It gets even worse with someone who has a fairly decent channel or a low viewership butt good videos because they enable monetization without even realizing they are covering up their call to action links at the beginning of the video.

Google Stays Focused On Their Business Model Why Not You?

So think how wise is Google? Gee (Google) says let me give you (Internet Business Person) pennies after you do the work to develop and create the video and then we (Google) will put our video up first.

And if you think about it, Google is using some other internet marketer’s ad words money. THEY HAVE a TOTALL Google win, YOU LOSE ONLY SITUATION.

For example I myself have went to my own videos to review them and because the Google ad videos started running and they are awesome, I even stopped and watched their videos and boom I am off to whatever the video was about and forget about the channel.

So my original point is remember why you are in the YouTube video marketing business and what's your original business model.

You are there to make an income off your channel via your content then why distract your potential viewers for a few pennies that unless you have a gazillion views will never amount to much.

As usual I always invite and love pro or con comments. Video marketing works but you have to have and stay with a solid business model.
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