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Twitter Marketing Tips, Part Three

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Posted 10th September 2012 at 11:37 PM by GT

Twitter Marketing Tips, Part Three

I meant to post this several days ago, but I’ve been busy online and offline with other projects. Here is the last installment (for now) in my short series of Twitter marketing tips.

The first post in the series talked briefly about setting up a proper user profile on your Twitter account. The second post highlighted a few of my thoughts on how to engage other Twitter members and interact with them.

This post will give you some insight into how I approach the practice of following other members on social marketing sites like Twitter.

I use Twitter for a variety of purposes, some business and Internet Marketing and some personal. I have separate accounts for each purpose. When I decide on who to follow, I do so with purpose.

I typically only follow people who are either interested in or actively involved in the marketing theme or niche of the particular Twitter account. My plan is to attract them as a Twitter follower and interest them in visiting my website. If they have no interest in the subject of my tweets or my website, what’s the point of following them or attracting them as followers?

Social marketing is the same as other popular forms of marketing: you will get the best results by knowing who your target audience is and then designing your materials (including tweets) to appeal to them. The better you get at pre-qualifying your prospects, the higher your sales conversion rates will be.

In contrast, I see a lot of marketers just following everybody under the sun. I am sure they do this to try to attract large numbers of followers for the purpose of boosting their “image” as a popular Twitter member. I don’t agree with this. In my opinion, quality is better than quantity.

Here is how I usually decide who to follow:

First, I check out their member profile to try to determine their interests and purpose for being on Twitter.

Second, I look at their posting statistics, the number of followers they have and how many people they are following in return. I look for somewhat of a balance between these three numbers. If their posting numbers are too low compared to their followers and following, I will not typically follow them. If the number of people they are following is significantly higher than the number following them, I will not typically follow them.

In my opinion, balanced numbers is a good indication of an active member who is trying to interact with the social community in a reasonable and respectful fashion.

Third, I take a look at some of their tweets to see what they tweet about and how they communicate with other members. If it looks like they are interested and involved in my niche, great! If it looks like they are trying to provide information and add value for the benefit of other members, great!

On the other hand, if they appear to be overly critical or judgmental, or use blatant profanity, I won’t follow them. If they promote social concepts that I am not comfortable with, I will not follow them: for example, hate, racism, political extremism.

If a member has multiple Twitter accounts and posts identical tweets on each one, if I decide to follow them at all, it will be only on one of their accounts.

On a positive note, what I like to see are members who interact with others in a positive, supportive way, and members who retweet related tweets posted by other members. I also appreciate seeing occasional tweets that don’t have web links or a sales pitch. This is another area where balance is a good thing.

I hope you have found some value in this series of Twitter marketing tips. Social networking can be beneficial to an Internet Marketing business if approached with reason and respect, and Twitter has a lot of potential.

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