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Network Marketing Recruiting for an Online Opportunity

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Posted 5th December 2012 at 02:01 AM by GT

Network Marketing Recruiting for an Online Opportunity

I have had a lot of home business experience, both online and offline. I go back to the pre-Internet days with both mail order marketing and the old traditional offline methods of network marketing recruiting. Online marketing is so much better.

However, there are still challenges. One thing that remains the same is the challenge of finding or motivating business builders, people who understand that success takes time and effort and that you get out what you put in.

The thing that hasn’t changed is that the majority of people would rather spend their time chasing pipe dreams and wild promises rather than settling down, focusing on a good, proven income opportunity and learning how to build a foundation of success step by step.

I suppose it is human nature to want to find the easy way to do things. Nothing wrong with that, but at a certain point you would think that people would learn to recognize the false promises and unrealistic claims and quit falling for the same kind of schemes time and time again.

But many don’t seem to learn that lesson. Every time a new program gets launched with a whole lot of fanfare and the typical promises that all you have to do is lay down your money and everything will be done for you, people flock to it like crazy. Once they learn that they will still have to do the marketing, then they flock to the next program that promises to do it all for you.

Network Marketing recruiting online runs into the same problem. On the one side, you have promoters making it sound so much easier than it truly is going to be. On the other side, you have the willing masses looking for the easy way to overnight riches.

In all the money-making programs I have reviewed and tried, both offline and online, there is not a single one that does not require you to do your part to market and promote it and, if it is a networking opportunity, follow up with your recruits after they join.

I have recently re-joined an online network marketing program that I (obviously) consider to be better than the average. I say re-joined because when I was involved the first time, I was looking for the easy way and was not willing to apply myself to the necessary steps for networking success. However, after reviewing many opportunities online, I have returned to this one because when I compare it to the checklist, it comes out on top.

This time, I am focused, committed and determined. That means that I am taking a leadership role in building the business, and that means giving my team members personal attention when they show personal initiative and want to work with me.

It also means being totally upfront with my prospects about what it’s going to take for them to be successful. The company does provide all of the necessary training and marketing aids, but the affiliates must study the training, apply what they learn, and call upon their team leaders for guidance when they need help understanding how to do something properly and effectively.

Building a strong affiliate network takes time, effort and commitment. Most people simply do not have it in them to do what it takes. Most will keep chasing one useless opportunity after another because they are blind to the futility of what they are doing.

A few will break free from that cycle and will recognize the wisdom in choosing a solid opportunity and committing to do what it takes to build a foundation for residual income and long-term success with that opportunity.

I don’t want to give aspiring marketers false ideas or false hope. Internet Marketing is a business and must be respected as such. If you want to succeed, you can do it by learning and applying the necessary steps, but you must be prepared to do it.

Network Marketing recruiting for your online opportunity means marketing to sponsor new affiliates, identifying leaders among those you sponsor, setting an example and providing leadership for your team, training and coaching them where necessary and being there to encourage them when they need a lift.

If you are a leader, or if you desire to become one, then Network Marketing on the Internet is for you.

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    Mat Gunnufson's Avatar
    Good post. I think people need to be aware that recruiting online is not necessarily difficult but it is a different animal. I takes training and dedication.

    But it must be duplicatable, otherwise they think they need to be great to get started and now there are programs that make it simple so all they have to do is market.
    Posted 16th March 2013 at 10:52 PM by Mat Gunnufson Mat Gunnufson is offline

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