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Two Types of Customers for Your Internet Marketing Business

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Posted 12th January 2013 at 12:31 AM by GT

Two Types of Customers for Your Internet Marketing Business

The way I see it, there are two types of customers for your Internet Marketing business.

The type of customer you choose to market to will be determined by the types of products or services you want to sell. Or is it the other way around? Perhaps the types of products you sell will be influenced by the types of customers you choose to market to?

Whichever approach you take to choosing products and targeting customers, there are two basic categories of customers for the online marketer to choose from.

First, there is the general consumer. That is the customer who is simply looking for a mainstream consumer product or service of some sort and that’s all they are interested in.

Second, you have fellow online marketers who are looking for products, programs or services that will help them make money online or help them to improve their existing Internet marketing business in some way.

Products for the first group, the general consumer, come in all shapes and sizes; the sky is the limit. You can choose to market a variety of products through an online store, or you might choose to focus on a specific type or line of products, narrowing your target market down a little.

Products for the second group, online marketers, can also come in all shapes and sizes but the choices might be a bit more specialized. Even so, you might find an online e-commerce shopping site that offers a wide range of items so you can still offer “something for everybody” while having the option to select specific items to market to a more tightly defined group.

Some marketers prefer to sell consumer products, believing the market potential to be greater.

Other marketers prefer to market to fellow online marketers, knowing that this group is very responsive to advertising copy that offers to solve marketing problems for them or enhance their business or marketing abilities in some specific way.

If you can find the right source, you might be able to offer a variety of items with enough appeal to both kinds of customers highlighted above. You then get the best of both worlds and there is less confusion keeping your product sources and marketing methods organized and focused.

Properly targeting the type of customers you want for your Internet Marketing business can make all the difference between success and failure. If you are not reaching the right customer with the right message, you are endangering your effectiveness and efficiency. You can market to both kinds of customers, but make sure you do so with purpose and proper planning.

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