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3 Keys to Earning Online Income from Home

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Posted 18th February 2013 at 11:51 PM by GT

3 Keys to Earning Online Income from Home

Last week I wrote a series of three posts for my home business blog that each featured three different aspects of earning online income from home based Affiliate Marketing businesses. The first in the series was titled 3 Keys to Affiliate Income, Part 1.

In that first post, I highlighted the first set of three key factors involved in building a successful Internet business for the purpose of making money.

They may seem quite basic, but I am not certain that all aspiring online marketers realize their full importance. Here they are:

1) Product Sales

You might see programs on the Internet where there is no real product or service being exchanged. You earn income based solely on getting others to pay to join. In my opinion, that is not a legitimate business and those kinds of programs do not last.

A business is not a business unless you have something of value being sold to real consumers.

If you want to build an Internet business and your goal is to be earning online income from home, then look for an Affiliate Marketing company with legitimate products or services that you know regular consumers will be interested in. A side benefit is that you will feel much better about promoting those products.

2) Recruiting and Sponsoring

Different affiliate programs are set up different ways. With some, you are simply a sales affiliate, earning commissions from product sales you generate. You do not recruit or sponsor other affiliates.

Some programs do allow you to recruit and sponsor other affiliates and, depending on how their compensation plan is set up, you may qualify to earn commissions and/or bonuses based on their purchases and sales.

My preference is for programs that let you sponsor others. If you are planning for the long term, then it makes more sense to build a team of affiliates, thereby leveraging your time, effort and earning ability. Do it right and your affiliate income will continue even after you retire from active involvement in the business.

3) Duplication

The purpose of building an affiliate sales team is to leverage yourself through duplication. If you have any experience in building a network of people, you know this does not happen on its own; it requires focused, active leadership on your part.

You don’t have to build a team that is large in numbers. You just have to make sure your people have the training and resources they need to duplicate your efforts and be successful in doing it. That takes responsibility and dedication on your part.

It may take time to find and develop the business builders you need, but remember, it is the leaders who earn the lion’s share of the rewards. It is worth your time and effort.

Well, those are the first three keys to earning online income from home that I wrote about in my home business resources blog last week. Use them as your starting point and foundation for Affiliate Marketing success.

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