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The Personal Side of Online Affiliate Marketing Success

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Posted 22nd February 2013 at 04:51 PM by GT

The Personal Side of Online Affiliate Marketing Success

There are many assorted factors to online Affiliate Marketing success. Some are strictly technical, like choosing a niche site, designing it for visitor conversion and structuring your marketing to draw massive traffic.

Other factors focus more on the personal qualities you need to improve your chances for success in the incredibly competitive business of marketing on the Internet.

If you look through the “Mind Warriors - Success, Power, Self-Improvement” section of the Warrior Forum, you will find numerous topic threads featuring a variety of beneficial personal qualities. Also, I occasionally write about some of these qualities in my home business resources blog on my website.

Last week, I wrote about the qualities of Focus, Commitment and Daily Action. A lot of good-intentioned marketers give lip service to these qualities, but not all marketers truly make them the priority that they should be.

Here, for the benefit of Warrior Forum members, I will highlight a few thoughts about these three important qualities:

1. Focus

I see a lot of Internet Marketers spreading their time, attention and resources far too thin. I know the idea is to “diversify” your interests and activities so when one program or marketing method is not producing, you have others that will (hopefully) fill in the gap.

That may be fine if you already have several things producing some steady monthly income. But if you don’t have some successful programs on the go already, then all you are doing is weakening your ability to be successful with any one particular program.

I say it is better to choose one or two key programs and then focus all of your attention on them until they begin to produce a steady flow of income.

2. Commitment

The other issue I see with online Affiliate Marketing enthusiasts is a tendency to become impatient with a program and drop it in favour of something new or exciting or that comes “highly recommended” by someone they know.

I don’t see the value in just throwing away the investment you’ve already put into the first opportunity. Instead of quitting, I say make a strong commitment to learning more about how to make it work. Identify the weak links in your marketing process and improve in those areas: learn or apply new marketing methods; get some coaching or mentoring from someone already doing that business. If you make a true commitment to it, you will be infused with more energy and enthusiasm to make it work.

Remember, winners never quit and quitters never win.

3. Daily Action

Make daily action a habit. Do not let a day pass without doing something of value to improve or advance your affiliate business.

Always be learning new or better ways to market and promote your business. Every day, find ways to put into practice what you have learned. Study the leaders or competitors in your niche and identify their best practices, the qualities and methods they are using that you could or should also be using.

I am a big fan of daily lists to help keep you focused: make a list of key activities you can do to build or promote your business. Prioritize the activities on the list and focus on the highest priority items. Anytime through the day that you get a few minutes, or you find your attention straying away, take out the list and use it to help you get back on track.

Focus, Commitment and Daily Action are just three personal qualities of several that you can develop for the betterment of your online Affiliate Marketing business. Give each one some serious thought and be sure to use them to your best advantage.

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