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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Internet Affiliate Marketing

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Posted 17th March 2013 at 11:09 PM by GT

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Internet Affiliate Marketing

This will be an abbreviated post of the one on my home business website with a similar title. Here, I’ll just get right to explaining what I mean when I say the good, bad and ugly of Internet Affiliate Marketing.

This is based on experience and observation after being involved with offline Network Marketing and online marketing for a number of years.

First, what’s good about Affiliate Marketing on the Internet:

You can choose a program that lets you build a team, or network, of affiliates and you can earn income based on the activity and sales volume of your team. This allows you to leverage your time and resources and you can effectively multiply your earning ability many times over.

Next, what’s bad about the affiliate business:

You may be able to build your team by sponsoring a number of new affiliates into your business, but getting them to learn the business and actually do the business is another thing altogether! Too many people are expecting it to be easy, or expect somebody else to do all the hard work for them. That is completely unrealistic.

It doesn’t help that so many ads and promotional presentations promise that it will be easy and that everything will be done for you. They may give you the resources and the training, but ultimately YOU will have to do your own marketing and advertising. They rarely explain THAT part of it in their ads and promotions.

Finally, what’s ugly about this business:

Many marketers are transient. They jump from program to program. There may be various reasons why they do this, but I think the biggest reason is that they are too impatient and do not want to spend time building a strong foundation for their financial future. A quick buck seems to be more important than creating stability.

I know that is probably just human nature, but what I consider to be truly ugly about it is when they leave your network and they take others with them.

That’s how I see the good, bad and ugly of Internet Affiliate Marketing. It is still an awesome business to get into; you just need to focus on your chosen opportunity and be the leader you want to see in others. It takes time and you may meet with discouragement on occasion, but the successes and rewards are worth it for those who stick with a plan and commit to success with it.

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