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How to Boost Your Home-Based Internet Business Income

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Posted 25th March 2013 at 11:48 PM by GT

How to Boost Your Home-Based Internet Business Income

There are a number of ways to improve your marketing results and boost your home-based Internet business income. One way is to leverage your reach and productivity through affiliate networking.

To make this work, you need to be a member of a reputable Affiliate Marketing company with a solid compensation plan that lets you recruit others and build a network of active affiliates. As your team grows and their combined monthly sales volume increases, your commissions and bonus rewards also increase.

The basic process is simple:

1) You attain leadership status in the marketing and compensation plan and you do whatever you have to do each month to maintain that status. It might mean purchasing products or it might mean selling products to customers, or it might be a combination of the two.

The important thing is to do whatever you have to do to maintain your leadership status. The reason why this is so important is because you absolutely have to show your team members the right way to build the business. You must set the example.

2) Recruit new affiliates until you find five who will be as committed to success as you are. Everybody “says” they are committed, but the evidence of their commitment will be in how well they listen to your recommendations and work to duplicate the example you have set.

3) Train those five serious marketers how to achieve and maintain their monthly leadership status and how to coach THEIR recruits to follow the same process.

The basic process is simple, yes, but staying focused and following through with it is the tough part for most people. That is why there are so few leaders making real money and so many hopefuls not making anything.

You need to have a vision for what is possible with your Affiliate Marketing opportunity. You need to have a solid, workable plan. And then you’ve got to stick with it, even if it means sacrifice in the beginning and persevering through the early months of struggling to get your foundation started.

That is how most leaders achieve success with their home-based Internet business.

Step one is easy: you just need to commit to success and make up your mind to do whatever is necessary to maintain your monthly leadership status.

Step two can be challenging for a lot of marketers, especially those who are not yet experienced. If you have access to an advertising co-op designed to attract targeted sign-ups, then you can plug your people into the co-op (usually a paid co-op) to help them start recruiting so they can find their five serious marketers.

Step three is easy if you learn to identify the leaders among your recruits. It may take a few months before you find your leaders but your dedication will be rewarded. Coach and train the serious ones as you find them and you will see your foundation (and your income) grow.

It may start out slow in the early months and your investment of time and money may be greater than the income you earn, but your focus, commitment and dedication will pay off once you have your leaders in place and duplicating the process.

Imagine how your income will grow, month by month, as your leaders begin to teach their leaders to duplicate the process, and so on down through the generations of your network organization!

Leverage is the way to boost your home-based Internet business. Leverage through the power of affiliate networking.

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