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Gudrun Marquardt was mental and physical abused and ended in the ER, after her divorce she was not allowed to leave the US. She learned through Personal Development how to change her live, let the pain go and become strong again and successful.
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Personal Development, by Gudrun Marquardt

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Posted 3rd October 2011 at 09:53 AM by gudrunsmith

Hi this is Gudrun Marquardt and I like to take you on my tour in Personal Development. No matter you know what Personal Development is or you are new to this. I want that you are really serious and willing to learn how you can change your life right now in this moment and let the lifestyle of your dreams come true.

What makes me so sad is that people laugh about Personal Development and think they know it better, but guess what? They are all broken and defiantly don’t live the life they dreamed about it. They laugh, because they don’t know how powerful Personal Development is and they are influent from their friends, family and peers to stay were they are, so they can complain together how bad life is. Than you look to the true Millionaires, and guess what? They all tell you how important Personal Development is and how it had change their lives and now they make more money then they ever had dreamed they could make. They respect the natural laws and use it to set bigger goals and to reach out to help more people to do the same. They take risk and getting out of their way and out of that box. Sometimes people will tell that they were just lucky or had the right connection, but the true is they worked hard on themselves and then they had their brake through.

Personal Development means you are developing yourself from that person into that person you always wanted to be. Putting out the goals and than taking the right action to make it happen, they are planning the seat and than they harvest the results. That also meant that you must be willing to learn these new skills and use them. Oh yes, you will go through hell, you will make mistakes and your life can be up-sited down. Not because it doesn’t work, but by trying to leave that old person who is broken and unhappy behind you and to become that new person who live that dream life. Your old behavior, or better that old ego of yours don’t want you to leave, even when you hate that life and sick and tire of being always broken, it still want to keep you in that box.

Personal Development teaches you the skills you must know and understand, when you want to live a new lifestyle. Personal Development is nothing news, but it is kept away from the blue collar people, so they will work very hart for this corporation on minimum wages and been all the time broken, and living in fear to lose that job. Oh, did I say living in fear? Do you know that people living in fear and are broken can easy be controlled? People been brainwashed all this years to look for someone who will solve their problem by manipulating and promise what they want to hear. They have been trained to blame others for their circumstances and why it is hopeless for them. They will vote for those people who promise them to give them what they want and to hate the true rich people who are taking the money away from them. Understand that we have the true rich people who earn their wealth and than we have the corrupted ones who steal it and want to control others to get more for themselves and not sharing it with you.

Yes this is politics, and so more people go into poverty and are not willing to learn Personal Development to change their live into prosperity, so more they give power to the wrong people who only want power over people. They are putting them into the modern slavery through manipulating and corruption. This is nothing news, our history showed us many times about men who tried it and failed. They failed in that moment when people took the risk and started to create their own lives and start making good money. As soon people make good money they become strong and they can’t be controlled any more. You must learn the skills of Personal Development and follow people who make good money. Than money can also come to you, but when you hate people with money and feel sorry about yourselves than money can’t come to you, but that little bit what you have will also been taken. Oh yes, it will be taken from you! Just read your bible and it will you tell why this is so!

Let not allow manipulation and corruption destroy this world, but by learning the skills of Personal Development we can live again in prosperity and in peace.

Gudrun Marquardt
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    Excellent post concerning personal development. I can tell that you are passionate in the pursuit of assisting others in living more positive lives.

    Thanks, and I look forward to reading more from you!

    Butch Hamilton
    Posted 16th October 2011 at 06:25 AM by
  2. New Comment
    gudrunsmith's Avatar
    Thank You, Butch.
    Posted 20th October 2011 at 01:08 PM by gudrunsmith gudrunsmith is offline
  3. New Comment
    jaiganeshv's Avatar
    Personal development is for everyone irrespective of what they do and what field they operate.. Thanks for nice blog post.

    Thank you Gudrun.
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    Posted 22nd October 2011 at 06:45 PM by jaiganeshv jaiganeshv is offline

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