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3 Article Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Posted 18th September 2012 at 11:03 AM by H.Miller

Quality Always Trumps Quantity

Quality, quality, quality! That's the name of the game. Long gone are the days when you can spin a bunch of crappy articles and get a ton of traffic. Every article you write should provide your readers with valuable information. They should leave your article feeling like they are better off now then they were before they read it. When you write quality articles you will never have a problem generating traffic and making sales.

Its All About People, Not Search Engines

To many people become obsessed with figuring out how they can rank in Google. They use all sorts of techniques in an effort to game the search engines and get rankings. The one thing you have to remember when writing articles is that its all about people and not the search engines.

The search engine is nothing more than a computer that scans all of the material on the internet. It can't read and it won't be pulling out a credit card to purchase your product or service. So avoid keyword stuffing or using any other black techniques for the sole purpose of getting rankings. Because even if you get the ranking, if your article sucks people won't click thru on your links.

Be Consistent

I can't tell you the number of times I have heard people complain about article marketing and how it doesn't work. When asked how many articles they have written they say 10 as if that's a lot. Article marketing is a numbers game. The more quality articles you have out there, the better.

You can't write 10 articles and stop. You need to be creating fresh new content on a regular basis. That's how you will start to generate an unstoppable flow of traffic. If you pump out articles on a regular basis you will eventually get to a point where you won't have to create new content as often. You might even get to a point where you don't have to create any new content at all. The residual effects will take over and you will be getting free traffic for a very long time.

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    Yes, article marketing should never be stopped. There is no end to the journey of Article marketing so why to stop after 10 or 20 articles. Just continue writing as long as your site do not become the hot property for the vistors. I update my blog site regularly

    Bloggers Joy

    and I know that after sometime I will get 4k-5k UV daily on my site but at that point also I will not stop but I will start the same campaign for my other sites.
    Posted 18th September 2012 at 10:26 PM by nitesh nitesh is offline

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