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Creating a Top-selling Digital Product in your first launch.

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Posted 15th August 2015 at 01:04 PM by Hafsteinn Thordarson

So my first digital product launch is over. I have been taking a small break but now I’m back again recharged. So as I said in the last post the launch was a success. My product, PowerVideos Express made 273 sales – which is not ground-breaking success – but AWESOME for a first launch. I have never made a single dollar online before, buying all kind of “shiny objects” that promised the world and delivered nothing.

So I decied to take things into my own hands and make a product myself. A quality product that would truly deliver value and I would like to buy myself. So I came up with PowerVideos Express. Don’t get my wrong this process has not been easy and quite a work with a bit of a learning curve. But not giving up finally gave me results. Sticking to my plan every day – doing something everyday.

Though I had a plan, doing this for the first time of course I hit some unexpected obstacles – which isn’t bad – that’s were you make all the learning.

Some basic advice for launching a digital product:
1) Lift your Paypal limits. I was in the misunderstanding that JVZOO would hand out commissions to jv’z BEFORE going into my Paypal account. That I would just get my profits into my account. NOT TRUE.

Everything went first into my Paypal account because of the integration with JVZOO and THEN it automatically get’s distributed to your jv’s.

Yearly limits for Paypal business accounts is around $2800 and you need to get them lifted in order to get more into your account on yearly basis. So you have to contact Paypal, send them some documents and wait for approval. It’s also a good idea to contact them before your launch and let them now that you are expecting payments on your launch so red flags won’t be raised suddenly on your account. I hit the $2800 limit in a matter of hours – something that I was quite not expecting.

2) Leverage. Another thing that I learned was that doing a joint launch with another experienced marketer really catapulted my launch into new heights. I decided to share more of the profits to get more exposure and more customers in the long-run. Most people doing a product launch for the first time are thrilled with 20-40 jv’s coming aboard to promote your product. I was dreaming of 40. I ended up with 112!

3) Launch day. Set your launch date when you are sure you are not doing anything else at that moment. The launch needs constant monitoring and updating. I thought that I could sit back and relax – but that’s actually when you need to be tweaking and customizing things. So give yourself time.

Talk later,

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