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In-Depth ANT Aladdin 2.0 Review By Hanif Quentino

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Posted 8th March 2015 at 11:34 AM by HanifQ
Updated 8th March 2016 at 10:40 AM by HanifQ

ANT Aladdin 2.0 is a brand new SEO tool that delivers quality backlinks to your site in a 'White-Hat' way...

However, can this software help you rank your site for competitive keywords?

Find out by reading my full ANT Aladdin 2.0 Review:

==> UNCUT ANT Aladdin 2.0 Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies

Content syndication is one of the proven methods for getting quality backlinks.. below are some articles talking about this strategy:

SEO And Content Syndication: Why This Needs To Be Added To Your 2015 Internet Marketing Strategy

It may seem to be an excellent SEO tactic to post original content on your website. However, it does take effort, time and can get to be expensive, since most website owners end up hiring freelance writers to create content for them. There's nothing wrong with this approach, but it's been discovered that content syndication appears to be an internet marketing industry trend, and it has been recognized that syndicated content is loved by Google. If you are planning to make changes to your SEO strategies, the following are reasons why you must include content syndication as part of your SEO efforts.

I'm definitely not suggesting that you should stop posting original content to your websites and blogs. However, when you syndicate content, you don't need to have as many articles created. There are plug-ins you can install to syndicate your existing content and those feeds can be shown on your site. This is a very cost-effective way of ensuring that your blogs are filled with very informative and highly relevant information.

If you do some recycling and post an article to your blog that was written already and ranks well, then your website will stand a better chance of reaching a wider audience. The content you choose to syndicate is a critical decision you will need to make. Once you have mastered what kinds of content can be used for your website, you will see that more visitors are coming to your site due to the fact that you've syndicated a trending topic.

Whenever you use content from other people, be sure to provide credit for the article to the original author. Of course, whenever you do this, there could be other authors that may be interested in syndicating some of your content. This can translate into your website getting promoted and gaining extra exposure. If your content is syndicated by even more people, you can expect to see your website exposure and backlinks increase even more. Content syndication works quite well with the current Google algorithms. Many SEO experts have predicted that it's all about content this year- and not just original content, but syndicated content as well.

Content Syndication- The Key To Effective Search Engine Optimization In 2015

The main focus of search engine optimization has always been about creating new content to place on website pages in order to get your site indexed properly. Although this works still to a certain extent, it isn't as effective as it used to be, mainly due to the fact that search engine algorithms are starting to seek curated content like they never have before. Curated content combines numerous types of content that all pertain to one specific central theme. What the search engines are looking for is variety. They understand that individuals would rather read about several different aspects of one specific topic, rather than only one very well written article. So use this knowledge that we are providing you with about syndication and apply it so that 2015 is the most profitable year for you ever.

There are several different ways to syndicate content. First of all, you can write your own content. What this means is that you will write some unique content, and also have content you curate from various articles you find across the web, then you arrange everything together in such a way that is makes it into something that individuals will actually want to read. Or you can use a plug-in that finds curated content on your behalf. If you do this twice or three times per week at least, you'll start seeing movement of your website and webpages in the search engine rankings.

If you follow these basic strategies, you will see that you are in compliance with one of the specific aspects to Google's algorithms. It will make the search engine want to display your content to individuals searching for information on the keywords that your web pages focus on. Unique content is recommended. However, when you are able to provide other content written by others as well, so that you are presenting similar information that your readers definitely will be interested in reading, then you'll improve your chances of obtaining higher search engine rankings for your website and web pages.

Why Your SEO Efforts Need To BE Focused On Content Syndication In 2015

Creating original content for your blog and your website is a very important activity that each business owner needs to consider, particularly when they are trying to get the search engines to recognize their sites. Google's algorithms change on a continuous basis, which means you can expect that numerous other SEO strategies could change in the upcoming year; however for the whole of 2015 it's been found that content syndication appears to be an approach you'll want to stick with for the entire year.

A majority of internet marketers are already fully aware of many of the benefits that content syndication provides. However, they don't all put this particular strategy into action. Then there are other marketers who think its one of the strategies they can just ignore. However, content is starting to become even more critical for obtaining better SERPS than ever before. So you'll need to focus more on expanding your reach and branding your website.

Content syndication provides you with the fresh content you need for your website. Google really loves new content- whether it's syndicated or original. When you syndicate posts, you can provide more information to your website, including articles, videos and infographics that relate to the service or products you are offering on your site.
In addition to the continuous steam of fresh and free content, you also increase your opportunities for expanding your reach now that you've started to syndicate content. This is due to the fact that other websites may do the same things and syndicate your content also. When this takes place, your company name, brand and website link will able be featured on other websites and pages, providing you with an organic and free way of getting links to your website- that's another thing Google really loves.

==> UNCUT ANT Aladdin 2.0 Review & Exclusive Bonus Strategies
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