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5 Tips To Help You Create Red Hot Viral Social Media Content - PART 2

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Posted 5th August 2015 at 09:45 AM by HanifQ

1. Evoke Emotions

Keep in mind what types of movies people like to watch. They tend to be films that are about embracing life. The same thing could be said with books. People are more likely to enjoy novels that make them feel really good. Those are also the books they will most likely recommend to family members and their friends. And the same things goes for YouTube videos and blog posts.

The content that you create needs to evoke emotions and touch on the problems that hit very close to home for most internet users. Don't forget to use funny videos and great images. These types of content are very effective because they evoke emotions. Therefore, your job is to take this type of sensational, emotive content and transform it so that it becomes a promotional instrument to help build your brand through creative ideas.

2. Inspire People

So what's the most popular content after funny videos and pictures of kittens? Inspirational images, videos and articles make a very resounding and unique impact. It is very natural for humans to search for inspiration for their lives.

The best inspiration from our perspective comes in the form of your content being shared and promoting your brand at the same time. Be creative and don't just follow the tried and true advertising route. Your content should be inspiring and directed towards simple feelings without directly asking followers to share your content and spread it around virally.

Remember the terrific Dove Real Beauty Sketches? There is nothing in the clip about Dove being the greatest brand for personal care products. What it does instead is evokes emotions by providing people with inspiration. However, at the very same time, everyone knows that Dove made the ad and they are very familiar with the brand. This is a great example of how powerful inspirational content really is and its tremendous viral potential as well.

3. Study Successful Viral Campaigns

How can you become trendy if you don't know what's already trendy? You need to keep this in mind at all times when you are attempting to have you content go viral.

You need to keep up with what is going on all the most popular social media sites. Pay attention to what is trending each day. It will provide you with a better understanding of what your target audience is interested in, and you'll be a lot more confident about what types of content you need to create and help give your content a viral component.

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