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6 Ways To Increase The Click-Through-Rate On Banner Ads Without Resorting To Spam - PART 2

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Posted 5th August 2015 at 11:05 AM by HanifQ

2. The call to action is overrated.

A good example of a banner ad without a call to action with a high-click-through-rate comes from Pusher. The banner ad features a graphic of an arrow and text on a plain white background.

The ad talks about how easy Pusher makes it to add real time features to a mobile or web app, and mentions that it is powered by HTML Websockets. It also points out that multiplayer games can be created, chat can be added and notifications can be pushed. All of this is displayed in 3 sentences on the banner and has proven to be very effective.

As you can see, this ad doesn't contain any call to action and doesn't ask you to sign up for something. According to best practices, you should have a "fake link" or "fake button" inside the banner to achieve higher click-throughs. However, the data from LaunchBit does not support that. According to the company there was no difference in click-through-rates for banners with a strong call to action verses ones that did not.

3. Adding a price on a banner ad kills the click-through rate.

If your banner advertising is paid for on a flat-fee basis, then it is probably not a good idea to add your price on your banner. You will most likely get more visitors to your site without it. If you pay on the basis of cost-per-click it can potentially be a good way of filtering potential buyers right upfront.

Note: many cost-per-click networks, like LaunchBit, do favor that with higher click-through-rates, so adding your price might also result in you receiving fewer impressions.

4. Adding a person's face to a banner ads does not help or hinder a campaign.

Some marketers have claimed that adding photos that have people in them can help to increase banner ad click-throughs. However, the data from LaunchBit did not show a statistical conclusion to support whether or not click-through-rates on banner ads were increased or decreased by having a person's face on the banner.

Be sure to check out my AdHero Review thread to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this software.
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