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PART 3: 6 Ways To Increase The Click-Through-Rate On Banner Ads Without Resorting To Spam

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Posted 6th August 2015 at 02:20 PM by HanifQ

5. Free products usually work.

Not every free offer is necessarily going to work in your banners and provide you with a high click-through-rate. The data from LaunchBit looked at banner ads that had a reasonable product that already had fairly good traction. Freebies from startups in the later stages who are fairly well-known do well. For example, there is an AppSumo banner ad that gets high-click-through rates that offers free secrets on Google Analytics.

However, not everything free necessarily works. Free shipping, for example doesn't really make a big difference. Free services- like assessments and consultations- are basically a wash. They don't really help but they also don't hurt click-through-rates on banner ads.

6. Discounts are basically a wash.

You would think that since free products help with increasing banner ad click-through rates, that discounts would work as well. However, the data from LaunchBit did not show this. Sometimes discounts work and sometimes they don't. So, no solid conclusions can be made about whether discounts will impact your click-through rate or not.

One note on this is that it could possibility relate to the fact that product prices are published on some of the banner ads (which was discussed in our fourth point above and that was found to reduce click-through-rate from the Launch Bit data) in order to highlight their discount.

The great news from the LaunchBit findings is that making these types of higher click-trough-rate banner ads is very possible without having to put a lot of thought into their design. If you are fairly proficient with Photoshop or another graphics programs, you can even make your own banners.

Disclaimer: The tips above are just for banner click-through-rates only. They do not cover conversions. The advice is also based on data taken only from the LaunchBit ad network. It is possible that data from other ad networks could be different. It is also very possible that an individual ad campaign might not fit the same patterns discussed above. It is also possible that after reading this public article, if many advertisers start to adopt these specific banner practices based on the 6 tips that these same insights might not be true any longer.

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