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PART 1: Seven Strategies To Boost Your Conversion Rate On Social Media

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Posted 10th August 2015 at 09:11 AM by HanifQ

Your social media campaign has the potential of being one of your top sources of traffic. Most successful blogs and websites get a significant number of visits through social media. However, you will also find that a lot of bloggers do not get good results from social media. It is possible to get excellent results from your social media marketing campaign as long as you focus on efficient strategy, know your audience well and have realistic expectations.

The traffic you can generate from social media depends on how you share content on social media and how you organize your campaign. These are the main points you need to be aware of when developing your presence on social media and sharing content on this platform.

Pick Keywords That Will Boost Your Conversions

Some keywords will lead to a higher conversion rate. Look for keywords that encourage social media users to interact with your content. These keywords vary depending on the social media network you use.
For instance, mentioning deals and discounts on Facebook is a good way to grab attention. You can also get users to interact with your content by using vocabulary such as 'tell us', 'submit' or 'share'.
Twitter users are a little more casual and will respond well if you ask them to 'check out' something or to 'retweet' one of your updates.
You can use similar keywords on Google + but will have to adapt them to the features of this social media platform. You can for instance ask your followers to 'share', 'promote' or 'discover'.
You will have to use a more professional approach with LinkedIn and use industry-specific keywords or promise a benefit, for instance by talking about a product or a service that can 'improve' or 'increase' something.

Use Hashtags To Reach Out To New Users

Hashtags are a great way to reach to an audience that is broader than your current followers since users look for hashtags relevant to their interests. Hashtags are also the cement that keep an online community together on social media by providing users with a way to talk to each other about a specific topic.

You can get much better results from your social media marketing campaign by adding a couple of hashtags to each post. Adapt your use of hashtags in function of the platform you use.

On Twitter, tweets that include hashtags typically drive twice the engagement compared to tweets with no hashtags. Engagement can go up by 21% if you use one or two hashtags. However, the engagement level falls to 17% if you use more than two hashtags. You also need to know that 40% of tweets with hashtags are retweeted.

Hashtags are becoming more popular on Facebook. You can get an average of almost 600 interactions per update if you use one or two hashtags. Interactions will average a little over 400 if you use more hashtags.

Google + automatically generates hashtags based on the content of your updates. You can also see a list of related hastags to get a better idea of what your audience is interested in.

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