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An economic ice age? What kinda of schiwt is that!

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Posted 2nd December 2008 at 03:42 AM by Hardi Wijaya

Warning: This post consists of part rant, part valuable content. However, the purpose of rant is to help clearing out the mental clot of the mind.

I've been telling someone that in order to be rich, she must sell to the rich. There're too many rich buyers in her niche. But she still sells her products below 30 bucks. Her reasoning is that the world is in terrible 'recession', could be worse than the Depression in 1930s.

I asked her where she got the news. She said some ‘economists’ revealed the 'statistics'. The 'global winter' could last for at least 12 months.

"An economic ice age? What kinda of schiwt is that!" I said to myself.

She further affirmed it using the economist's words -- People are not buying anymore. Businesses are losing their shirts... the banks are broken... real estates are turning into wastelands... everything's in hell... WE are all in hell!.. yada yada yada

I was sick of the doom and gloom, and interrupted her -- "I just sold an antique sword for 350 grand to a rich guy... LAST MONTH!"

She gave me a strange look. "But... but... How's that possible?" she was baffled.

And I replied plainly because I was sick of saying the same thing again and again -- "Just sell to the rich".

"The rich is also losing money, right?" she still didn't believe.

She was confused. I left her alone for some serious thinking. Maybe she won't get it, maybe she will. But DO YOU GET IT ALREADY?

When I said there's a 'conspiracy' to crash the financial market, people stopped me and said "WE GET IT ALREADY!" Their mind focused on the 'conspiracy'. They didn't pay their attention on what I had been telling them, that is -- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

Why do most people behave this way?

Maybe they don't know that the rich raked in cartloads of money when the market crashed. Maybe they don't know that the rich are riding on buying spree and squandering more money NOW.

Or maybe people who don't make good money, JUST DON'T GET IT AT ALL.

Does everyone know why the rich becomes richer for every generation?

I tell you why.

The children of the rich are brought up through childhood to believe that it's their birthright to be rich and the world is their inheritance. Their parents not only send them to the top schools, but also engage 'mental trainers' to keep their children into total positive-thinking mode -- all the time, no compromise.

That is what they believe, and that gives the rich the magnetic personalities. This energy patterns attracts positive experiences and opportunities to manifest (and manipulate) in their lives -- no matter what kind of condition the economy is.

That's why the rich are STILL spending big money lavishly! Booming economy makes them rich. Recession makes them even richer.

So you think the rich is losing money during recession? NOT AT ALL!

Don't think that I'm the only voice that sounds the gong. Troy White wrote an article on the rich buyers too. He presented this matter extremely well. Here's the link: High End Niche Markets Are Still Spending Money | The Total Package

Do you get it?

However, in order to sell to the rich, you must do these basic things.

* Track down the rich buyers, and see what high-end niche products they've bought.

* Know the place where the rich buyers hang out, because the rich are usually proud creatures. They love to brag to fellow money-hoarders how much money they've spent. It's one of many ways to tell everyone "I'm the king of the world!" I suppose.

* Create similar products (an upgrade or something better) according to what they've already bought.

* Make sure you create a package of products so as to command premium price.

* Your products don't necessarily have to be the greatest. They must have high quality and relevant to the product that the rich have bought.

* Include your "Fit-for-the-king" service as part of your package. The rich always want you to treat them like your boss. Maybe it's some kind of mafia mentality... just joking

* Do not charge low price, because it projects cheapskate perception. Raise the bar beyond average guy's reach!

* Have some kind of membership program to keep them pumping more money into your bank account every month.

These are just some of the basics. I know there're lots more.

For example, tracking down the place where rich buyers hangout in order to brag their latest acquisition. Some hangouts are exclusive, and you've got to know how to 'buy' your way in. Don't worry... I'm not talking about The Yellowstone Club, Augusta National Golf Club, or even The Secret Order of Skull and Bones. If your name isn't Rockefeller or Bush, or you aren't some big shot, most likely you would be turned away at the door

I'm talking about customer-only community. Sometimes, money can't give you the access. You've got to do something extra such as a service to community. It could take 100 pages to write out the details.

Why this method always works?

First, your potential buyers are already rich, and they've already bought high-end niche products. You don't even need to qualify them. You don't waste precious time doing keyword research, writing articles, etc etc. You go straight into the jugular!

Second, you just need to create a supplement, or 'upgrade', or better product than the product that they've bought.

Third, since they've already paid big bucks, they won't bicker if you sell them high quality product for premium price.

Forth, you've good cash flow to sustain your business, and grow it easily. The cash also gives you more opportunities to improve your products.

Fifth, there's little competition in the high-end rich-buyer niche market, because most businesses are selling low-price low-end products.

Do you get it now?

I know, to some people this is nothing new. But I hope you can rediscover and relearn something here. It's worth it once you've mastered the trick of the trade to sell to the rich. Nevertheless, if you want my personal coaching for free, just send me a PM. But I can't promise you anything, because you've to use my knowledge, filter it, refine it, and make it applicable to your business.

To Your Success!
Hardi Wijaya
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