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Confidential Report Here -- High End Niche Selling.

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Posted 14th December 2008 at 01:09 AM by Hardi Wijaya

Dear Warrior,

I've an important point to make. I don't try to be subtle or clever. I'll use a pile driver and hit my point with a tremendous whack -- once and for all!

Apparently, someone who read my previous post titled "To Be Rich, Sell to The Rich" misunderstood my point completely.


They thought that I was telling you to sell to the filthy rich aka the millionaires, the billionaires... heck, there's no mentioning of such people in the post! Then someone named two famous marketers who did very well selling to the 'lower-income group'.

If you and I could make great money from people with different pocket size, bless us all! But that's not my point.

I'm saying that we must sell to the rich -- the people whose buying passions are different from the average, and are willing to spend more money in exchange for more values, regardless of how much it costs. These people aren't stingy! They won't bicker, because they know that they get what they pay for.

We can find a 'rich' from the 'lower-income group', who's willing to spend lavishly for a pet. Yet, there's always a 'poor' millionaire who won't spend a dime.

You see, wealth is a relative thing. It's in the mind. We can't really measure it by dollar and cents. A 'poor' guy from lower-income group and a 'poor' millionaire make no different at all.

Therefore, this is not about how much money one owns. Instead, it is how much one 'wants' to spend.

How rich your prospects could be, depends on their minds. If they're not convinced that they'll be getting great value, they won't spend good money for it.

See my point now?

I'm going to give you a link to a confidential report soon. This is co-written with a client, about taking advantage of over 10,000 people who've paid good money to learn ancient Chinese healing techniques -- no JV, leads generation, etc. Everything is done through stealth selling which is mentioned in my report. And it's proven to work!

In fact, I hesitated to release this report, because the master who teaches this course is no small fry! He was featured on Channel 9 news. He even works closely with Mayo Clinic. If you're 'Google-smart', you can easily reverse-engineer and see what's in my store.

So, please... please, if you've found out the secret, keep it to yourself.

Watch out! Here's the link:

I'll activate it soon. However, it will be deactivated after 24 hours.


The link is offline now.

Here's the partial portion of business operation log:


Day 1

Decide a topic. Health issue is still popular because the public in general dislikes addiction to medicines. ‘Self-healing’ looks like an interesting niche. Let’s decide whether to enter ‘new-age’ healing or ancient healing market.

Day 2

Picked the ancient healing market, probably originated from Asia such as China, India, etc. Back to research…

Day 3 - 11

Subscribe to over 30 newsletter published by major experts in this field. May requires 2 weeks to discover the hidden high-end niche.

Day 12 - 15


Ayuveda looks like a great choice. It’s recommended by experts.

Found a link to a major Ayuveda site. Let’s check it out. Buy the way in.

This site has customer support forum. It looks great but the lack of customer participation is the weakness.

Refund. Get out. Sorry Ayuveda. Back to more research.

Day 16 - 20

Found an ancient Chinese healing technique without using medicines, Qi Gong. The master frequently appeared on TV and worked closely with Mayo Clinic before.

Over 10,000 courses sold on the net. Sounds great!

Ok, let’s do it…

The cost was $340 for the deluxe course. Let’s hope that this could pay back the investment.

Day 21

Huge parcel arrived. Lots of info!

Let’s eat it up all the info and seek any opportunity to create high-cost back-end product.

Day 22

Found one weakness, thank you! Or else I'll ask for refund The package offers great instructional video but the written manual is very thin.

One thing to note -- People do love to read. They want to do it anytime anywhere at their comfort. Video could be quite troublesome unless they own portable video player.

Written instructional manual can be a winner.

Let's get to work...

Day 23

Never create thick manual unless the content is totally unique and different. The purpose of creating written content is to sell as supplement products to existing buyers.

The acquired Qi Gong course offers over solutions to over 30 health problems. Let's create 20-page booklets addressing to these.

Each booklet will be sold at $29, but cost $19 if is sold with other booklets as a package.

The booklet (in PDF version) will be advertised online as shareware, Potential buyers can only read a quarter of the content.



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