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Whether Allen's doing this or not, YOU should never ignore it!

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Posted 17th August 2008 at 01:34 AM by Hardi Wijaya

What's IT?

Allen said these in an ebook...

"The main reason is because you can make a sale with offline advertising much easier than with online advertising. The response rate is incredibly higher. Even though many don't do it, this is a fact. If you doubt it, try capturing the names and addresses of people coming to your site and start testing direct mail sales letters with them. If your offer converts well online, you'll be surprised what offline can do."

Yep... the combination of online and offline. It's Offline Internet Marketing.

This is do-able, believe me. I've been using this method to make a good living.

You don't have to be well known in the IM field. Because memory is short on the net.

But if you channel the online prospects into offline marketing, you'll be remembered as long as your physical product stays with them.

What you need?
  1. A way to capture and verify the snail-mail address of prospects.
  2. A way to make mailing pay for itself.
  3. A way to make serious back-end profit.
That's all. This may sound too simple. But the truth is, it is the simplicity that gives you the power and advantages over IM big dogs, IM big boys, IM wizkid, and IM gurus!
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