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What Do Julia Roberts, Lucille Ball, and Tom Cruise Have in Common?

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Posted 26th July 2009 at 12:25 PM by Harlan

Yes, they’re all famous.

But there’s one more thing.

They have all, at one point or another, struggled with being painfully shy.

And all of them have found a way to overcome it to become celebrities.

Julia Roberts says that she had incredible shyness as a child, but that “I have always believed that things are what you make them.”

Lucille Ball was told by her teachers at the Anderson dramatic school that she was too shy, and that she would never make it in show business.

But she showed them, becoming a hit movie and TV star and one of the funniest women ever.

And Tom Cruise, who struggled with shyness and dyslexia as a kid, learned from his mother how to survive and overcome. He says,

“People can create their own lives.”

These celebrities are famous because they created their own lives—they didn’t let their shyness keep them from fulfilling their dreams.

They knew the truth:

Nobody is “born shy.”

Shyness is a behavior that you learn as a child.

Then you come to believe that’s who you are.

But it’s not who you are…it’s just how you choose to act.

And you can choose to act differently.

Once you eliminate the belief that you are a shy person…

Once you change your mindset to positivity and confidence…

The shyness disappears.

Just like Tom, Julia, and Lucy, you can create your own life.

Are you sick and tired of being shy and afraid?

Want to be confident, easygoing, and funny instead?

The person everyone wants to be around?

The Physiology of Excellence can help you do that, if you’re really ready to make a change in your life.

This simple technique banishes the fears and shyness that are holding you back, replacing them with unstoppable confidence.

There’s no steps to follow, no affirmations in front of a mirror—

Just a short, easy DVD that takes only a few minutes to learn…

But the success will stay with you for a lifetime.

So next time you see Julia Roberts’ beautiful smile, just remember that she has a good reason to smile.

She overcame her fears to make her dream come true.

And when you’re fearlessly living your fantasies thanks to the Physiology of Excellence, you’ll have a good reason to smile, too.

Click here to say goodbye to shyness once and for all:


Harlan Kilstein

Harlan Kilstein Copywriter
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