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Are you not converting 66% of website visitors for very valid reasons?

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Posted 13th November 2012 at 06:50 AM by hayfj2

Do you actually know?

You could be losing up to 66% of your prospects.

Different people and different types of people have different information needs.

Your prospects have different types of information requirements as well.

Does the content on your website satisfy their information needs?

Some of the prospects who visit your site are:-

Results Oriented, so they want case studies or testimonials.
Process Oriented, so they like to see things like lists of services, how you work, and what they need to do.
Information Oriented - They love facts, and love reading articles, blogs etc.
Status Oriented - They love to see lists of clients, awards, press clippings etc.
Relationship Oriented - They want to know about your background, and more about you.

Does your content adequatley fulfil the information needs and requirements for these different types of prospects?

Sometimes, even when we supply them with the information they want or need....'s often in the wrong communication medium that we use to deliver the information they want.


...some of your prospects prefer to send and receive information visually.
...some of your prospects prefer to send and receive auditorybased information.
...some of your prospects prefer to send and receive information kinesthetically

So, if someone calls you up asking you to "tell" them more about what you offer...

..ensure you don't send them to your website to "read" the information

so, Rule #1 with regards to your Content...

..Your Content should always address your prospect's information requirements.

In other words, your prospects need to know, how you can help them, so educate them with your excellent content.

Many of your competitors simply don't do this, and are losing prospective customers every day as a result.

If your content or information is not appealing to their information needs of your prospects, you will lose business.

Worse still, if you present the information in the wrong communicational style, you could lose up to 66% of your prospects...

...every day.

Don't make the same mistake.

Think about it.


Fraser J. Hay
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