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Struggling for reasons why you should blog today...?

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Posted 15th November 2012 at 06:16 PM by hayfj2
Updated 16th November 2012 at 10:45 AM by Janet Sawyer (Tried to clean up the tags.)
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Do you ever get frustrated, exasperated when it comes to generating ideas for what to blog about? If so, then this wee list might just help to ignite the creative spark within you:

1. Who's done an excellent job for you - write a positive case study for them.
2. Customer CASE STUDIES - Remind readers of your successes
3. Common MISTAKES that people make, and how to avoid them
4. Daily Topical News
5. Share some interesting FACTS about your INDUSTRY
6. A relevant HUMOUROUS story to show you have a sense of humour
7. Who has really p****d you off or let you down. Share your experience.
8. Search YOUTUBE relevant topics and embed videos into your blog
9. Create your own VIDEOS and embed them into your blog
10. Embed your own POWERPOINTS from into your blog
11. Debunk a Myth about your industry
12. Write about something you're PASSIONATE about
13. Embed your own .PDF documents from into your blog
14. Customer PAIN - Remind your readers of the problems you solve
15. Embed your own WORD documents from into your blog
16. Share some interesting FACTS about your PRODUCTS & SERVICES
17. Share the PROBLEMS of your INDUSTRY and some potential SOLUTIONS
18. Do you have some amazing facts that you want to share with visitors?
19. Invite GUEST BLOGGERS to post relevant content into your blog
20. Is there a CAUSE or CHARITY that you care about?
21. Create a top 10 TIPS outlining some hints and tips for blog readers
22. Include a wee poll or survey in your blog
23. Share your views of the WORLD
24. Write a list of FAQs of potential objections for your services & address each one
25. Ask a question in your headline to draw people into your blog
26. Use or to "Ping" your blog url
27. Industry TRENDS - What are the emerging markets/opportunities?
28. Include your own infographics in your blogs
29. Explain how a particular PROCESS works - Break it down for people
30. Debunk a Myth about your products and services
31. Is there a local CAUSE or COMMUNITY project that you feel strongly about?
32. If you don't have any goto google images & search for "keyword infographic"
33. Industry NEWS - What's happening in your Niche?
34. Do a software walk thru using screengrabs in your blogs using capturewizpro
35. Include a screengrab of a product in a product review
36. Share the FRUSTRATIONS of your INDUSTRY
37. Whose book have you read lately? Write a review
38. Who has really p****d you off or let you down. Share your experience.
39. Do you have some excellent market research findings you want to share?
40. Have someone interview you, and record it?
41. Why not interview someone else and record it?
42. Share an experience about a RISK you took, and the REWARD you got
43. Ask for OPINIONS on a particular topic or Issue
44. Debunk a Myth about you
45. Share some interesting FACTS about YOU
46. Share a solution to a specific, RELEVANT problem
47. Embed a PHOTO from Flickr or Photobucket (funny, strange, topical etc)
48. Embed a VIDEO testimonial
49. Write an upbeat INSPIRATIONAL post to give your readers a mental boost
50. AUDIO Record your Blog and upload to iTUNES (or similar.)

Whatever you decide, Remember:

A Blog could be a SPEAKING TOPIC for your speaking engagements
A Blog could be converted into a PODCAST
A Blog could be converted into a VIDEO
A Blog could be converted into a WEBINAR
A Blog could be converted into a POWERPOINT
A Blog could be converted into a PDF Document
2-3 Blogs could be a chapter your next BOOK
5 or 7 Blogs could be an EMAIL COURSE
10 Blogs or more could be an EBOOK or KINDLE BOOK

Hope that gets you thinking...


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