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Who does this remind you of?

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Posted 27th November 2012 at 04:32 AM by hayfj2

Take a look at the list below and see if it reminds you of anyone...

1. You think social media marketing is a passing fad
2. You simply haven't thought of sharing your digital assets via document sharing sites.
3. You do have a product or service to sell or can't get customers to pay the price you want.
4. You don't know what price to charge or how much prospective clients are preared to pay.
5. The price you charge isn't profitable or doesn't create enough profit to cover all costs.
6. You don't know exactly where your potential customers hang out online.
7. You think business networking is a complete waste of time.
8. You don't know how to qualify potential customers using a simple 5 word question
9. You're travelling to meetings without pre-qualifying your prospects.
10. You're giving away free consulting and documenting your ideas in proposals.
11. You're submitting sales proposals without including the word "DRAFT" on the cover
12. You're attending networking events without any business cards.
13. You don't have your SKYPE address or Linkedin profile url on your business card
14. People you speak to at networking events dread receiving a follow up call from you.
15. You think producing video or audio content is a complete waste of time.
16. That's because you want more business, need more business and are appearing "needy"
17. You're concentrating on what you can GET from prospects, instead of what you can GIVE
18. You don't have an upsell strategy, or backend product/service in place
19. The jump from your basic service to your premium service is too big for client's to make
20. The jump from your FREE offer to your basic service solution is too big for clients to make
21. You're too focussed on getting the sale or the appointment. (Gives gain!)
22. You're still selling using features and benefits.
23. You're still hate asking for referrals or testimonials
24. You don't have a social media policy, or social media strategy document.
25. You haven't done a marketing audit yet to identify what the root cause of your problems are
26. Your online social networking profile doesnt qualify prospects or highlight potential pain.
27. You're not coming up on the page 1 search results on Linkedin or the Search Engines.
28. You just let your web designer recommend and sell you what they said you should have
29. You're miserable, desperate and skint and this is reflective in your handshake and dress.
30. You can't articulate your Unique Selling Point, elevator pitch or killer qualifying question.
31. You don't list the problems you solve on your linkedin profile or website.
32. You don't hold your prospects or clients accountable
33. You keep experiencing cyclical "feast or famine" periods but don't know why.
34. You don't have an automated followup system.
35. You don't include any customer testimonials in your marketing
36. You're not generating FREE P.R online or offline.
37. You're not getting enough traffic on to your stand at the exhibitions you attend
38. You're not attending any exhibitions for your sector/niche or industry
39. You don't know how to calculate the cost of the life time value of a client
40. You don't know why people aren't visiting your Linkedin profile.
41. You don't know why people aren't visiting your website.
42. You don't know why people aren't responding to your emails
43. You don't know why people don't get "it".
44. You don't know how many prospects live in your local area.
45. You don't know why your sales are NOT converting
46. You don't know what the pains, needs and frustrations of your clients really are.
47. You don't know the cost of the impact of your client pain so can't remind them.
48. You don't know how much traffic you need to give you the revenue you want
49. You don't have an ipad, ipod or iphone & think mobile marketing is a waste of time.
50. You think no-one reads PPC ads

Who do you know that thinks like that?

Hope that gets you thinking...


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