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The Three Fastest And Easiest Way To Link Building

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Posted 12th May 2010 at 11:04 AM by helper

Link Building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, and is a practice of getting other websites to link to yours. Link Building with quality backlinks is amongst many important aspects considered by search engines, while determining the rankings of a site. Therefore, creating backlinks is one of the most important tasks you can undertake to promote your website with the search engines.

When it comes to using the Search Engine Optimization technique for a website, Links pointing to a particular website is one of the most dominant off-page factors. Link building is vital but at the same time, a very lengthy and extensive task to perform. The reason why many webmasters are on a lookout for some shortcut options or erroneous methods to increasing backlinks, as most of them do not have the time and the endurance to carry out a genuine link building campaign.

There are many ways in which Link Building can be performed but I will be talking about the three fastest way in this article.

Take Advantage of Guest Blogging

I talk about guest blogging here but for a good reason – it has lots of benefits. Not only does guest posting get you traffic from relevant websites, it’s also a great way to get links with custom anchor text around the keyphrases you want to rank for. To explain how this works in the most basic of forms, when you write articles (for free) for another website, they’re happy to give you a backlink in the byline in return for your content.

Use Competitors Backlinks

When I talk about competitors, I simply mean people trying to rank for the same keywords / phrases as you in Google. For example, if a site is “trying” to rank for the phrase am using. I put trying in quotes as I’m only implementing a small number of these strategies as I’m not too bothered about ranking.
If I wanted to find great sources of links though, I could simply see which sites are ranking well for the phrase and where their links are coming from. As an example, if a site is ranking 2nd for me right now, what I will do is to take that URL and do a link search in Yahoo (they shows more backlinks than Google) I can find link sources I can also use.

The operator to use in Yahoo is simply “link:pageurl” (no quotes) obviously changing the parts in bold for the site that is actually ranking for your keyphrase.
Check your competitors to see if there are freely available link sources that you can also get for your own site. After all, if they’re helping that site rank, they’ll probably help you. The Blog And Ping software can also help get your website indexed and crawl faster.

Drop Comments On Blog

Most blog comments are nofollowed (this means search engines aren’t supposed to give weight to the link, though I believe Yahoo and Bing still do) so they don’t provide much link juice directly.

I like using blog comments as an indirect way to get links back to my site. For example, if I contact a big blogger out of the blue and ask them to link to my latest article, it’s probably not going to happen. Yet, if I’ve spent some time interacting with their community and leaving comments, it’s more likely that they will fulfill the request (as long as your resource is relevant, and awesome).
Blog comments also drive visitors to your site, which goes back to the point of search engines following people.

Link building can be a very tedious task but is an important aspect of getting traffic. If you want the whole process to be very much easier for you, get the BACKLINK GENERATOR SOFTWARE at The software will help get your website and blog indexed and ranked faster than you can ever imagine. The BLOG AND PING software will also get your site indexed and rank faster. You can get it here Instant Blog and Ping Automated Desktop Software | Get Your Website Rank Fast | Be On Google Face Page
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