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Target Your Audience And Increase Your Website Traffic

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Posted 20th September 2015 at 07:53 AM by HonWai

Want more targeted visitors and a higher conversion rate? Then it is important that every aspect of your website including how you promote it speaks to your target audience.

You want your website to be the place your target market comes to get their needs met. The need might be to find out where they can find your products or services. It does not matter if you're online or an offline business, the website can attract people to the website and the website can attract people to your store, no matter where it is.

It goes something like this:

Potential visitor reads your article on, and enjoys it enough to click through to your website or blog. The visitor reads your blog posts and signs up for your newsletter to receive a free eReport about your products or services.

Next, the visitor receives pre-written emails directly to their in box that promotes certain products and services on your website that you want to sell. The recipient clicks through, (or drives to your store) buys something, and gets on yet another list of customers, and then you repeat the process.

To know your target market you must know:

Who They Are -- What is their age, sex, marital status? What do they care about as a group?

What They Need & Desire -- Once you know them, you should be able to make an educated guess on their needs and desires.

When They Want It -- This is an important component in knowing your target audience. For instance, if they are normally never online on Sundays at 2pm don't send them an email newsletter that day.

Where Do They Live -- This can be interpreted as what state they are in, but it really means where do they hang out online. You want to be there so that you can observe how they behave, what questions they ask, and get ideas on services and / or products to offer to them.

Why You - This is a question that is more about you than them: Why are you the right person to deal with this target market? What makes you qualified? Do you know?

You need to answer all these questions so that you can provide articles they will enjoy reading and obtain value from, separate from anything else but pique their interest in more.

In addition, you want the products and services that you offer to fill their needs, and desires. If you truly know your target audience down to their age, sex, marital status, and income you'll be more likely to be able to create solutions that they will want to purchase.

Once you know what type of products or services you want to provide, and to whom, you'll be better able to create content that is compelling and attracts those visitors. By using systems such as message boards to find out what your target market is asking about, you can get an inside and early view of what to offer them.

When you are offering appropriate information, content, products and / or services to the right people, your content will naturally attract more targeted audiences.

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