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Five Tips to Choose the Right Web Hosting Solution

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Posted 7th May 2014 at 01:55 PM by humbledmarket

Hello Warriors,

I am personally very interested about web hosting. I enjoy browsing web hosting offers and comparing them; it's sort of a hobby and have picked up quite a few tips about choosing the right web hosting over the past several years.

Here are five quick tips on what you can consider when choosing a good web hosting solution for you. Note this will apply whether you're looking for shared web hosting, VPS or dedicated servers - these are the broader details, when you're looking at the choices between the TYPES of web hosting there are more details you have to consider.

[B]Reputation[/B]: The biggest issue with finding the right web hosting is choosing one you can trust. There are many web hosting companies that are run by people in their basement and they come and go frequently...that means you're risking your data and hard work.
Look for a web hosting company that has been around for some time and has a good base of clients with positive reviews - do note however many reviews online are not reliable; look for forum reviews.

[B]Service[/B]: The next BIGGEST consideration when choosing a web host for your website is the service. Seriously, you cannot underestimate the importance of good, round the clock service. You want fast response time when you're having an issue with your website. You want them to be able to resolve the issue and to understand the situation so not to aggravate things. Many web hosting companies today provide 24/7 tech support though some are more helpful than others.

[B]Server Reliability[/B]: Many web hosting companies today guarantee a 99.9% uptime. Uptime is important because when you're site is down you're losing customers, traffic and it's affecting your search engine ranks. You want a web hosting company that has a track record for uptime and is able to resolve a technical situation when it arises; this jumps back again to service.

[B]Speed & Specs:[/B]Having a fast website today is not an's something you need to stay competitive. Pick a web hosting solution that can support your traffic load and deliver good response time which is important to engage your customers. Having a slow site can deter your traffic from engaging with your content and affect sales.

[B]Price:[/B]Finally you want a web host who can suite your budget. With today's competitive hosting environment there is no shortage of web hosting businesses that offer great support, service and specs at reasonable prices. Don't low-ball and risk your data or over-pay unnecessary.
Typically for shared hosting you'd expect to be paying around $5-10/Month, for VPS you'd be looking at $20-$70/Month, and for dedicated servers around $90-200+/Month for manage services.

To close off our blog post, here are some suggestions of web hosting companies we've found to be good options (though make sure to do your own search and check-ups)

[U]Good Shared Hosting:[/U]
- CrocWeb: We're currently using them and it's great for shared hosting. Our website is loading fast and their support is quick
- Stablehost: Very good for shared hosting at low prices. They use SSD which means your website will likely be faster
- MDDHosting: They are good for shared hosting as well; a little more on the pricey site though it's more so premium web hosting

[U]Good VPS Hosting:[/U]
- MDDHosting: Once again, fast servers, fast support, higher prices. We hosted on their VPS for over a year.
- WireTree
- FutureHosting

[U]Good Dedicated hosting:[/U]
- HostDime: cheap option for managed services.
- FutureHosting: Good and cheap
- SERV Int: Premium dedicated server, proactive support
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