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[UNCOVERED] TShirtAdBuilder by Jon Shugart - TeeSpring Facebook Ads

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Posted 19th May 2014 at 01:19 PM by humbledmarket

TShirtAdBuilder LAUNCHED on May 19, 2014; it’s the latest development from a partnership between Jon Shugart and Stephen Renton. T Shirt Ad Builder aims to help TeeSpring Campaigns with their TeeSpring Facebook Ads by making a professional online tool for making facebook ads.
[[URL=""][B]TShirtAdBuilder[/B][/URL] - TShirtAdbuilder Bonus and Special]

I personally question the recent buzz of TeeSpring Campaigns although that’s not the topic in this blog post. We’ve seen no shortage of TeeSpring Campaigns discussion recent on the Warrior Forum; many people claiming to have raked in thousands in days with a simple TeeSpring Campaign.

We want to talk about the problem that TShirtAdBuilder hopes to solve. The biggest problem with TeeSpring newbie campaigns is the inconvenience of making TeeSpring Facebook ads. Many success stories don’t typically share how they do their Facebook Ads for these TeeSpring Campaign in sufficient detail. We all know that with Facebook Ads, imagery is one of the key determinant for your click through rate (and hence your cost)….the next is your head line.

Jon Shugart, a long time pro with Facebook and internet tools decided to work together with Stephen Renton to produce T Shirt Ad Builder. It simplifies your ad campaigns to easily editable images for producing your TeeSpring Facebook Ads so you can jump in the game. I was very impressed by how professional the TShirtAdBuilder seems to work.

[B]What is TShirtAdBuilder?[/B]
TShirtAdBuilder is a private web tool to help build TeeSpring Facebook Ads images. It’s the latest development by Stephen Renton and Jon Shugart to help TeeSpring Campaigns niche that has been rapidly booming.

With more and more people jumping in on the TeeSpring Campaigns boat because of its profits; it is more crucial to be able to generate your campaigns with speed and ease to scale those that work and dump those that don’t. It’s even more important to ensure you’re creating relevant TeeSpring Facebook Ads.

TShirtAdBuilder helps you create TeeSpring Facebook Ads quickly with some quick customization to template ads. It allows you to use pre-developed professionally designed to save you the hassle of editing your own graphics and then you can change and customize the facebook ad image as you desire to suite your product and your preference.

[B]Who is T Shirt Ad Builder for?[/B]
[U]TeeSpring Campaigns[/U]: If you’re already running some TeeSpring Campaigns and could use some help to increase your CTR and reduce cost with your TeeSpring Facebook ads then t shirt ad builder should come in very handy.

TShirtAdBuilder helps people running TeeSpring Campaigsn to save time with their creating their TeeSpring Facebook ads so they can scale a successful campaign even more effectively and duplicate more campaigns.

Hence we say if you’re involve or looking to get started with TeeSpring Campaigns t shirt ad builder can help you save time making your facebook ads and do it more effectively.

[U]Affiliate Marketers[/U]: Affiliate marketers who may be promoting other clothing related products such as zazzle or shopify items will find TShirtAdBuilder to be useful.

[U]Make Money Online[/U]: If you’re looking to build some capital and make money online with TeeSpring Campaigns then TShirtAdBuilder will also be useful for you as it can help you get a head start and simplify the process of setting up TeeSpring Facebook ads.

[B]How does tShirtAdBuilder Work?[/B]

TShirtAdBuilder actually works very much like most other customizable tools such as VideoMakerFX or thebestspinner. You will select from a pre-created template.

1) Enter your Campaign Name & TeeSpring Campaign URL
2) Select the ad you want to edit (They have a whole range of professionally designed T-Shirt ads)
3) Select your product to display; TShirtAdBuilder automatically takes the pictures from your TeeSpring Campaigns and lets you choose which type of clothing you want to feature in your ad.
4) Customize the background, text, stamp, or images.
5) Generate your ad

Those five back steps are basically how TShirtAdBuilder allows you to make optimized TeeSpring Facebook Ads; you can see Jon go through a demo and generate quite an impressive ad in 5 minutes.

Whether the TeeSpring trend will continue as profitability as it has remains to be questioned. There are some who claim as long as people need shirts and enjoy one direction then things should keep flowing while others think the space is already overcrowded (I’m incline to agree with the second). If the second is true then to stay ahead and to stay up you need some competitive advantage that would set you a notch higher; this is what TShirtAdBuilder does. If you are interested to get involved with TeeSpring Campaigns then TShirtAdBuilder is a tool designed to give you a competitive advantage. :cool:
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