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[DISCUSSiON] RentASERP in Review

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Posted 7th June 2014 at 02:15 PM by humbledmarket

RENTASERP is the latest creation of Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino. Some of you might know Devin by his wildly successful Video Atlas and Video Vantage released on Warrior Forum back in February. Four months after, Devin is now bringing you RENTASERP.

[[URL=""][B]RENT a SERP[/B] [/URL]– Find unique ways to use RentASERP & RentaSERP Bonus on our Blog!]

Will it deliver as Video Atlas or Video Vantage? Is RentASERP another overhyped internet marketing plugin/software? Let’s find out!

[B]Rent a SERP 101[/B]:
Rent A SERP on it’s surface is simply a WordPress plug-in which allows you to make money online through rental sites and lead generation sites (typically VERY passive revenue streams).

It does so by setting a search engine friendly structure for you and a design to optimize lead-capture and opt in so you can plug and play so to speak. RENTASERP, much like P1 Traffic Machine has integrated a SILO structure to the website so your rental sites are SILO optimized automatically.

Now we’re going to take a detailed look at what RENTASERP actually does, How you can use Rent a SERP, and who is rent a SERP for.

[B]What does RENTASERP actually do?[/B]
RentASERP helps you set up a pre-structured rental website so you can easily scale by adding cities to turn your rental site into a local authority niche website – this is important since as you know search engine optimization is towards authority sites and profiles.

It helps you with a search engine optimized, standardize set-up that can be customized to serve your clients. You can then add pages to build your site and target different key terms or different cities. Here’s a brief overview of what RentASERP does:

- [U]SILO Structure[/U]: RENTASERP, much like P1 Traffic Machine have decided to integrated SILO feature for the websites built with its plugin. SILO structure has been the word buzzing around internet marketing recently. Effectively, it’s an internal linking structure that leaves links to related pages (category pages to sub categories, sub categories, to niche articles). You can read more about SILO websites here.

Setting up these SILO Structures have been proven to help your internal search engine optimization to make it easier to rank online although it can be a tedious process to do it manually. Rent a SERP helps you with a pre-integrated SILO structure to your pages.

One thing I don’t agree is how RENTASERP in its demo rental sites video has matched it’s SILO linking to the background color effectively to hide the link from its viewers; I would recommend changing the color of the font to avoid this.

- [U]Lead Capture[/U]: RentaSERP WordPress plugin have also added a customizable lead capture form. There are similar plug-ins on WordPress that will help you set up with a contact form although it will typically take some technical work to get going. RentASERP have a fully functional, and well positioned form for you to easily customize by changing the text and fields required for your lead generation. Since this is already specifically designed for rental and lead generation sites, it will save you a lot of work trying to suite what you need.

To emphasize the importance of this RENTASERP Feature it is worth sharing previously, I bought Sean Lowery’s niche lead generation theme and it was an excellent with a nice fancy design that was search engine friendly…problem is, we found it hard to find a lead capture solution to fit the design sample (the template capture had an image and text though not a functioning lead generation feature)

- [U]Social Integration[/U]: RentaSERP also has easy social buttons – something most themes do have these days. What’s unique is you can add the social icons to each page differently which is something crucial for a rental site where you may be renting one page to firm 1 and another page to firm 2. This will make things simple and efficient for you while keeping clients happy.

- [U]iFrame Set up[/U]: This is a little black hat though some may find an effective use for this RENTaSERP feature so it’s worth a mention. Basically Mario has integrated an overlay iframe into RENTASERP so if you want the search engine optimized value of your page while having it overlay with a different page (say your client’s page or a content image page) then you can simply enter the URL of the page you desire and have that page displayed.

This feature on RentaSERP allows you to point users to a functional page while ranking with your rental site page. Something that is walking on the grey line.

- [U]Quick Content Setup[/U]: One of the hardest thing about setting up a website or a rental site (for passive income) is having to design a proper website structure and content plan. RENTASERP helps you do so already with a combination of videos, image, and content fillers so you can simply replace them with your niche related optimized information.

This means you can set-up various niche pages and various rental sites more efficiently, saving you time and using a proven, effective system that is search engine friendly. RENTASERP already has H1 Tags integrated, out-bounding links, easy integration of images so you can add your optimized content! Note you still have to fill in your own content though it’s much easier with a set plan.

[B]HOW you can Use RENT A SERP[/B]:
We have more about how you can use RentASERP on our internet marketing blog although here are some brief ideas that I think will be VERY VERY profitable. (They are yet to be tested since RentaSERP only recently released although I’m going to give #1 a try myself!)

1) [U]Local Authority Site[/U]: The unique feature of RentaSERP that allows you to develop multiple pages that are optimized can be coupled well with a SILO Structure to be the foundation for an authority site (since there are a lot of similar categories & downlines).

2) [U]Lead Generation[/U] – You can use RentaSERP for lead generation to sell the leads themselves to businesses

3) [U]Offline Business Owners[/U] – Perhaps you’re an offline business owner and want to take advantage of the benefit of targeted search engine traffic which converts to sales though you don’t know the complicated search engine optimization (site structure, in bound & out bound links, content optimization!) With Rent a SERP you can easily utilize a pre-developed, SEO friendly set-up to maximize the usage of search engine traffic as an offline business!

[B]Who is RENTASERP For?[/B]
First let’s look at who RENTaSERP is NOT for! It’s important to know if the plugin will suite your business needs rather than taking up extra storage on your hard drive. Rent a SERP is not for people who are already juggling 10 other projects…let’s face it, focus on what you have right now. RentASERP is great however for people looking for good rental theme and passive website revenue. It allows you to set up these typically profitable niche rental and lead generation sites. They are a great way to start for newbies.

[U]Offline Business Consultant[/U]: Offline business consultants will benefit from using RentaSERP to generate more leads for their clients or to sell the rental services to new clients – another way is to use these RentaSERP leads as a foot in the door (give it away) to get them to sign up for more services.

[U]Making money with Website Development[/U]: RentaSERP is an excellent solution for those looking to make money online with a more passive revenue option. Rental sites are very passive income and RentASERP can help someone new with the onsite optimization and site structure which will make things a lot more simplified, effective and organized.

[U]Offline Businesses[/U]: Offline businesses may even want to use Rent a SERP and its search engine friendly platform to serve as their business website. They can create a page for each locality or each service niche they are trying to reach without worrying about how to optimize their site.

There are quite a few other markets that RentaSERP would suite fairly well to although it’s a little difficult to cover it all in this blog post. Please share bellow other ideas you have about how to use RentaSERP!

[[B][URL=""]Rent a SERP[/URL][/B] - Find how to use RentASERP and RentASERP Bonus here on our Blog!]

Rent a SERP will be released in June 9, 2014; if you intend on getting RentASERP it would be great if you could come to post your favourite pros and cons and share it with others.
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  1. New Comment
    I admire Devin's hustle, but I still can't get the bad taste out of my mouth from his horrible link-building service. Still waiting for you to honour your refund guarantee on that one, Mr. Zander!
    Posted 12th June 2014 at 04:51 PM by Streamline Streamline is offline
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    I had emailed them some questions but they havent answered me yet. Could you?
    It says we just install it. But somewhere else it says do ppc for each site. Which is it?Or does that relate to speed of
    being able to rent them. Problem is another learning curve...
    Working full time right now, so i do have minimal time to start with, until i got it going.

    Do we install this once and than add domains we buy to it and it sets the sites up or what?
    Could a fiverr person easily set them up as i am non technical.
    Is the price already determined for each site rental? Or do we have to decide that.
    You say we have to adjust something on each site according to niche. Are images to pick from included?
    fiverr person could easily do?
    So the client inputs the phone number and so forth, right?
    Posted 16th June 2014 at 08:21 PM by goingup goingup is offline
  3. New Comment


    [QUOTE=goingup;bt29258]I had emailed them some questions but they havent answered me yet. Could you?
    It says we just install it. But somewhere else it says do ppc for each site. Which is it?Or does that relate to speed of
    being able to rent them. Problem is another learning curve...
    Working full time right now, so i do have minimal time to start with, until i got it going.

    Do we install this once and than add domains we buy to it and it sets the sites up or what?
    Could a fiverr person easily set them up as i am non technical.
    Is the price already determined for each site rental? Or do we have to decide that.
    You say we have to adjust something on each site according to niche. Are images to pick from included?
    fiverr person could easily do?
    So the client inputs the phone number and so forth, right?
    Hi goingup,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad to have the opportunity to answer your questions
    1) PPC is not necessary; as you mentioned, it can help with being able to rent out these sites quicker by delivering more value to your clients. PPC traffic can also help with your SEO.

    The real emphasis ideally is to use search engine traffic because Rent a SERP is intended to be highly optimize for search engines. Most people will likely set up these rental sites in local, high-revenue exclusive niches such as specific medical procedures or segments of business services (accounting, notary services). The point of doing so is being able to reach low-lying fruit - quicker rankings.

    Will address this more further bellow this response.

    2) These rental sites are relatively easier to set up than most niche sites (because the RentaSERP will help you set up a SEO friendly website structure & a pre-determined template inclusive with a lead capture and social interaction feature) Hence I expect the learning curve to be considerably less.

    3) The Rent A SERP will help you set up; you can edit the content easily using WordPress (user friendly site management option)

    You could easily get a Fiverr person to do the set up though you may need to manage the content yourself (I find people are not incentivized enough to do the whole process for others - you may be able to outsource sections easily)

    The price for rental are flexible; you can set it to what you think your website page is worth to your customer's. (A orthodontist may value their web presence more than a contractor)

    This is a brief outline of the process using Rent a SERP. The process should work something like:
    1) Purchase Domains
    2) Install RentASERP & WordPress (one click installation provided by most hosts)
    3) Set Up Pages & Keyword finding (look for high end, low competition local niche pages - should be reasonably simple)
    4) Populate filler content & do SEO (can be outsource)
    5) Rent these pages (load in client's details for social profiles and contact number - OPTIONAL)

    It's easier to rent a site already ranked so the client understand the immediate benefit than to try to sell a possibility.

    4) You may choose to use the standard image though you should likely get some free stock images from or flikr CC license to use in your Rent a SERP sites.

    5) That's correct! There are other ways of doing this as well though it can be as simple as adding your customer's phone # and email/contact to the page.

    A good word of warning though it will still likely take some time to get use to the process though it's simplified. Some affiliates paint the picture to be super simple cash generator; Rent a SERP uses a proven technique (site rental) although it will still require you to set up these sites (which while may be made easier will still require work).

    If you choose to implement this, I'd be happy to help with any questions. Please add on Skype Benjamin.ng09
    Hope it helps

    Best regards,

    Benjamin Ng

    Ps. feel free to ask if you have any further questions.
    Posted 18th June 2014 at 11:28 AM by humbledmarket humbledmarket is offline
  4. New Comment
    Also don't forget to check out our [URL=""][b]VideoMaker FX review[/B][/URL]. It's a great complement to up-sell your rental site clients a sales video (that's easy to make with VideoMakerFX) to add more money in your pocket with minimal extra effort.
    Posted 5th July 2014 at 03:01 PM by humbledmarket humbledmarket is offline
  5. New Comment
    gcampton's Avatar
    There's lots of things broken with the theme and plugin so I didn't upgrade to the membership for that reason... What's even worse is when I emailed support telling them I was willing to fix their theme and plugin problems for free as I had to anyway to get the fkn thing to work.
    I got the response "? What you talking about, what issues?"

    I replied and named a couple. As at the time of the email I had only seen the problems with the typo in the contact form, the silo pages email form header displaying as a paragraph tag, the fact all social links pass pagerank. The thank you page is unstyled and the link used
    PHP Code:
    <?php home_url(); ?>
    which should have been
    PHP Code:
    <?php echo home_url(); ?>
    so of course the link doesn't go "Back to Home" as stated in the anchor text.

    No reply since then, and that was over 2 weeks ago. This guy is mentally challenged?

    Since then I've also found that the plugin is a joke. It sends mail from "" because it's hardocoded into the PHP that way. At least its smart enough to add the subject line and content you send via mail. However receivers likely won't open up any emails sent from

    There's 100's of fixes I've made and documented them all, in fact the document is up to over 5000 words and I'm not finished yet.

    I realized documenting changes so others can replicate all the changes was a waste of time, the plugin and theme needs a complete re-version as this is still early beta at best.

    All the bloat is still in there, in fact it calls 3 Google fonts in the header which aren't used and one of them is "Cabin" which is Google's biggest page load font.

    The theme is a copy of the blackbird theme and adjusted to be a 1 pager. The problem is they left all the bloated unusable code from blackbird and were complete unethical jackasses with the theme and plugin they released.
    Posted 16th July 2014 at 09:00 AM by gcampton gcampton is offline
  6. New Comment
    aclacy's Avatar
    website is down... so much for lifetime access...
    Posted 6th May 2015 at 01:55 AM by aclacy aclacy is offline

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