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[DISCUSSION] Instant Offline Presence in Review – What can you do?

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Posted 20th June 2014 at 04:42 PM by humbledmarket

Hi Warriors,

When I first saw Instant Offline Presence by YMB Properties, I didn’t really think much of it. They had a fancy pre-sell page and some neat graphics though I didn’t really wrap my thoughts around what Instant Offline Presence could do – other than being another Flyer Design Software.

Sure, it could create some graphics but how can it really make you PROFIT! You don’t need another software sitting on your laptop taking up space.

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([U]NOTE[/U]: This isn’t the typical structured blog post we have for new launches, I’ll be jumping the information…though in an effort to keep things digestible I’ll still be using proper segments)

Certainly a flyer design software could be useful for offline businesses or even affiliate marketers though if that’s all Instant Offline Presence does, it isn’t the first option on market…though IOP is more than a flyer software.

[B]So Who can benefit from Instant Offline Presence[/B]:
I could immediately see how Instant Offline Presence would be useful for offline business consultants and brick and motor businesses although it didn’t seem very applicable to most other members on the Warrior Forum. I was VERY mistaken about this point of Instant Offline Presence.

In this blog post, we’re going to see how this tool can help affiliate marketers and internet marketers.

First, Instant Offline Presence is largely suited for

[U]Offline Business Consultants[/U]:
(1) They could help their clients increase their offline presence with printable graphics for flyers, rack cards, or promotional details (2) they could make their own flyers with Instant Offline Presence (using it as a flyer design software) for finding new clients since let’s face it, most businesses aren’t overly tech savvy.

How much do you think you as a business consultant would value if you could create unlimited amount of graphics easily and creatively. This would be a dream tool for most business consultants.

[U]Brick and Motor Business Owners[/U]:
It would seem as well to be useful for the offline businesses themselves who wanted to make professional print and social media graphics without any technical or designing skills; Instant Offline Presence was designed so you could make the designs you want with only a keen eye for what your target market wants (customers will take attention to) which most offline businesses would already know.

These are all pretty given considering most business owners need promotional materials such as flyers and typically pay big money for easy to create graphics. Most would immediately see this unmet need that Instant Offline Presence can help with.

Likewise with business owners, they would be able to ramp up their promotional effort on a shoe-string budget without having to pay per flyer as most currently do without IOP and being able to control it themselves for a one-off fee using Instant Offline Presence with its flyer design software application.

[U]Affiliate Marketers[/U]:
This is where the interesting stuff comes to play. How would Instant Offline Presence help an affiliate marketer or internet marketer? This is where we get creative to find there are many ways an affiliate marketer can use Instant Offline Presence as another tool for their profitable toolbox – many wise internet marketers understand it isn’t the tool but how you use it that turns a profit in most cases.

1) Offline Flyer Marketing: If you all remember a while back, a long while back as in 3 years ago; one smart auzzie college student used simple designed flyers to pump out some serious commission. This consisted of putting these attention getting pieces of paper on college desks encouraging email sign-ups and this soon evolved to apartment flyers or to car windshields.

This still works as you’ll find a few keeping up with this technique although you need to get a little creative with how you approach it. You can’t leave it simply with those pieces of paper anymore. You need a captivating QR Code with a good call to action and a link; putting some indication of your value offer. I thought it would be a good idea to share this idea out there for those who are interested in getting Instant Offline Presence so you can maximize your software usage value. As mentioned while Instant Offline Presence can serve as a flyer design software, it actually does much more than that though don’t neglect this powerful feature either.

We’re going to share another two more ideas of how you can use Instant Offline Presence with your affiliate marketing campaigns on our IOP Blog post here.

Meanwhile to close off this Instant Offline Presence review, it may help to provide some information about who is behind Instant Offline Presence and what you can do with Instant Offline Presence.

[B]Who’s behind Instant Offline Presence?[/B]
You cannot under-emphasize the importance of the team behind any company or product and this is no different for Instant Offline Presence. Too many internet marketers have been fooled into the same product schemes time and time again managed by the same “internet marketing gurus”.

Is this what you can expect with Instant Offline Presence? Is it simply an over-hyped flyer software design tool? I’m incline to say NO. The two parties involved with Instant Offline Presence being Martin Crumlish and YMB Properties seem to be truly trying to provide value for their clients to build a legitimate brand.

Instant Offline Presence is part of the Instant Presence brand which already has an excellent track record as a line of easy to use, end-user friendly graphic generation software options. I’ve taken a thorough look at YMB Properties policies and they do have some ethical ground rules; this adds some assurance to Instant Offline Presence refund guarantee and support.

Martin Crumlish is also another respected Warrior Forum member while being involved in Instant Offline Presence, he also has some other successful and well maintained internet marketing tools such as WP Dollar and FB App engine.

It’s safe to say within our review of Instant Offline Presence, that we can expect IOP to “deliver the goods”. It’s an excellent flyer design software though it is also much more than that. The people being involved in the launch aren’t professional product sales guru pumping up shells; they are trying to create and deliver something valuable to customers – an easy to use professional graphics creator for offline business consultants and affiliate marketers.

[B]What can you do with Instant Offline Presence?[/B]
We have repeated several times throughout this Instant Offline Presence blog post that IOP is more than an over hyped flyer design software…because it is. IOP is designed to help you with most of your offline and online graphic needs. It also does:

(1) Business Cards
(2) Rack Cards
(3) Loyalty Cards
(4) Promotional Flyers
(5) Tickets
(6) Coupons
(7) Envelops
(8) Thank you cards – Good for customer appreciation
(9) And Gift certificates

It essentially allows you to choose from a variety of professionally pre-designed templates and then to edit the images, background, color, and text style. You are able to preview your design before downloading it for print or online sharing (social media likes good images).

Here is a quick highlight of some Instant Offline Presence benefits:
- Professionally pre-designed templates including flyer design
- Simple drag and drop editor
- Flexibility, change colors, text, background, images, graphical styles and more
- 3D Preview and aligning of images
- Unlimited usage of Instant Offline Presence.
What I really like with Instant Offline Presence is the ability to download the customized graphics you create – graphics that look as though they are professionally designed when in reality you only needed less than 5 minutes to customize it the way you want it.

There’s much more to say which we’ll share in our 2nd blog post.

If you’re thinking about getting Instant Offline Presence then, [URL=""]check out our 2nd Blog post[/URL] here to find out some Instant Offline Presence [U]bonuses [/U]and a fuller review of Instant Offline Presence.
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    Does the OTO do box shots like on their sales page? That image is sweet, and I need a product that creates nice box shots.
    Posted 25th June 2014 at 01:38 PM by bitwise bitwise is offline

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