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[UNCOVERED] Traffic Elixir – a Closer look at TrafficElixir

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Posted 26th June 2014 at 12:15 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 18th April 2015 at 08:02 PM by humbledmarket (Tags: traffic generation software, trafficElixir, traffic Elixir review)

Hey Warriors,

In today’s blog post we’re going to look at another recent launch, Traffic Elixir. This is Precious Ngwu’s latest traffic generation software; as many of you may already know Precious has a series of other traffic generation software besides TrafficElixir from Youtube Infiltrator to Craigslist (Traffic Mice) and FB traffic software…that seems to be his specialty.
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Well, Precious claims that Traffic Elixir is the BEST he’s made yet and that’s quite a claim so let’s take a closer look at what is Traffic Elixir and what it does in actuality.

[B]What is Traffic Elixir?[/B]
Traffic Elixir is a traffic generation software that is intended to get you traffic on demand completely push button style. (Honestly I have my doubts about this Traffic Elixir claim; anytime I hear someone claim a software to be 100% automated to make you money I steer clear though since Precious has other successful traffic software we’ll examine further – an important note, more often than not it isn’t the software but how you use it that will determine its worth and this is the same application to TrafficElixir).

The traffic generation software does not rely on Google search engines (so no slapping) or on Facebook ads (no waiting time) and it doesn’t rely on Craigslist (no account ban); instead, TrafficElixir seems to use the growing community of social users/communities such as Google+ and leverages this to get “instant traffic”.

The quality of the traffic and the durability of the method remains to be tested though he has some solid claims and proofs on the Traffic Elixir page. My only suspicions and concerns would be how Google may respond to this usage once 100s of people take on the Traffic Elixir software. Apart from this concern though it can be a very profitable software if used correctly as TrafficElixir seems to be quite a solid piece of traffic generation software.

[B]Who is Precious Ngwu of TrafficElixir?[/B]
Precious Ngwu has been in internet marketing for some time and very well known on the Warrior Forum itself. He has other traffic software as WSOs which have gotten quite very positive feedback; this guy knows how to generate traffic on automation.

TrafficElixir is Precious’ latest project and considered his best work because of the supposed durability of the technique and the instant traffic results it is designed to bring.

[B]Who is Traffic Elixir For?[/B]
There’s no point wasting your money on something you don’t need. I suggest if you don’t need automated traffic then you should take Traffic Elixir. It’s best to stick with what works for you, for example if you’re setting up an authority site keep working at it. (Find something that works - keep improving and scaling. I strongly advise you not to jump all about with every latest launch)

This being said, if you could use some automated niche targeted traffic then Traffic Elixir could be a worthwhile investment (especially with the refund policy in place). We’ll take a closer look at categories of internet marketers who may benefit from TrafficElixir:

[U][URL=""]Video Marketers[/URL][/U] – Traffic Elixir is a traffic generation tool and anyone who has done any form of video promotion on Youtube know that the # of high retention views you get (along with engagement) will significantly affect how well your video performs in the searches (Youtube & Google). Traffic Elixir can be used to get quality and “hot” traffic to your videos (because they can be niche targeted) to get high retention views and increase your efforts.

[U]Email Marketers[/U] – (Using Traffic Elixir for Email marketing traffic) Email Marketers are always looking for the latest way to get valuable traffic converting them to lead opt-ins so they can reach them time and time again. You can use Traffic Elixir to send traffic to your landing page for buiding your list.

[U]Affiliate Marketers[/U] – Traffic is something essential in affiliate marketing. Use Traffic Elixir for your clickbank affiliate products. Precious Ngwu claims that TrafficElixir can be used for targeted visitors; you send them to the product page and let it do the selling or perhaps send them to a presell.

Overall, if you’re still a new internet marketer looking to make money online then TrafficElixir might be a useful software for you since it requires little to no experience; if you’re fitted in any of the three groups you can also benefit from Traffic Elixir. Webmasters may also be able to benefit from Traffic Elixir since you need traffic to support your search engine efforts and for conversions although that would be a bit too broad to list.

[B]Traffic Elixir Conclusion[/B]:
So where does that leave us about TrafficElixir software? Well I suppose the conclusion is for you to make yourself, Traffic Elixir software as with most other internet marketing software may be great for one individual and detrimental to another warrior member.

What we can conclude, we know what Traffic Elixir does (it’s a traffic generation software intended to get traffic from Google+ communities on push button automatically) and we know who it can fit best (email marketers, affiliate marketers, anyone looking to get targeted traffic without too much at risk).

Now in regards to whether Traffic Elixir will help you or not depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish and what you’re currently doing. A fair word of warning do not let the hype of a product launch like Traffic Elixir lure you into getting something that would simply distract you. Yes, Traffic Elixir is an interesting software and Precious Ngwu has good experience with automated traffic generation software though there’s no point getting something that would help you with what you’re ALREADY doing right now (focusing on).

With exception to that if you’re getting it because of the TrafficElixir bonus. Look at the whole package.
[[B][URL=""]Traffic Elixir review[/URL][/B] - Read our full Traffic Elixir review for bonuses overview]

If you're looking to increase conversions with the traffic you're getting using Traffic Elixir, you might consider checking out our [B][URL=""]TrustMongul[/URL][/B] blog post on WF. Trust Mongul is a new WP plugin released by Peter Garety (known for his numerous website builder and WordPress plugin) to help webmasters increase trust for their website and hence encourage better conversion rate. We wrote up on it recently with it's launch on April 16, 2015.
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    tried did get some traffic but not what im looking for a full refund was given thankyou
    Posted 5th July 2014 at 09:19 PM by baza2002 baza2002 is offline
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