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[UNCOVERED Review] SiteBildz from SeNukeX Makers (& Bonus)

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Posted 15th July 2014 at 10:49 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 15th July 2014 at 11:46 AM by humbledmarket (updating Sitebildz review)

Hello Warriors,

In case you haven’t heard, SiteBildz will be launching June 15, 2014! What exactly is SiteBildz Advantage and is it worth all the hype? We’re going to find out in this blog post, note as well we are offering some SiteBildz bonuses on our link bellow.

[[B]SiteBildz Advantage[/B] <- Watch SiteBildz in action, SiteBildz bonus, reviews & More]

If you haven’t already checked out the FULL Sitebildz review demo be sure to visit our personal site noted above for one right now. Being familiar with Sitebildz while it was still in BETA, I wasn’t that impressed initially during their BETA session. At that time it wasn’t very functional and the user interface was confusing.

BUT NOW, after two years of development and almost 250k invested by on developing SiteBildz Advantage, the same people who brought internet marketing change with SENukeX has HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD again! I am actually really excited about this product after seeing what it can do; as you know SeNukeX has been one of the most highly acclaimed automation tool in the SEO world for many years and they have duplicated the success with SiteBildz for web development. = Sitebildz essentially helps you set up websites in with a tenth of the time you might without it.

Let’s add some sense to this SiteBildz review WF blogpost, we’re going to look at (1) What is Sitebildz? (2) What SiteBildz Advantage do for you exactly? (3) Who is SiteBildz for?

Sit tight & grab some snacks (chips, popcorn, CHOCOLATE) if you want because this is going to be exciting looking at this finally released NEW software by the same team that brought you SeNukeX. It’s not something to be missed. You might regret not jumping on board later.

[B][U]What is SiteBildz Advantage?[/U][/B]
Great question, Sitebildz can automate so many everyday internet marketing functions that it’s a bit hard to describe it at the start. When SiteBildz first launched, it wasn’t very useful tool building low quality websites and flipping it to other users.

Though now SiteBildz Advatange is SO MUCH MORE than that. They have turned this powerful software into an all-in-one interface for many internet marketing and affiliate marketing tasks especially pertaining to web development (everything from keyword research, to domains, to web set-up, to amazon/clickbank product integration, to content posting, to promotions, and even analytics.)

Basically this is the tool that will replace your WordPress WSO you bought (to manage and update or create WP sites), replace your “premium” Amazon plugin (to automatically post amazon) etc.

This is all on one easy to use interface so to make it quick and simple to manage. Resulting in something actually digestible process for most internet marketers (especially newbies) – which is why it’s an excellent all-in-one solution for new internet marketers looking to make money online.

[B]Sitebildz Automates your Internet Marketing Work[/B]
Simply put, SiteBildz is an all-in-one internet marketing automation product which helps you set up and manage affiliate businesses for profit. Business-in-a-box as some may refer.

They provide hosting, themes, automated content generation, royalty free images, affiliate network integration, and importantly customizable options to fit the tool to what you need it to do for you.

All this is then managed in one location so you don’t need to do it the slow messy way I did initially with our EMD sites (which was VERY confusing – taking content from writer, proof reading, adding to folders, uploading content, finding images + making sure they were safe to use, posting content, adding affiliate links)

[B][U]What does Sitebildz Do Exactly?[/U][/B]
So we’ve covered what is SB in this SiteBildz review, next we’ll look at some of the features and benefits that SiteBildz Advantage offers. As mentioned earlier SiteBildz is an all-in-one website builder and management tool:

- [B]Niche and Keyword Research[/B]: Sitebildz has a keyword research tool that will help you analyze which keywords can be profitable for you and color codes it. All you do is enter your topic keyword and then it finds the variations, the software get the stats, and provides its analysis – you can then choose which keywords you want for your primary or secondary.

- [B]Domain Registration and WebHosting[/B]: SiteBildz includes the ability to search domain names base on your key terms (we use to buy expensive EMD finder tool) and even allows you to register the domain name right within SiteBildz Advantage using eNom or Namecheap. Included with SiteBildz Advantage is the ability to use one of twelve high performance servers for your website.

- [B]Website Installation and Theme[/B]: After purchasing your shiny new domain, you can set up WordPress, cPanel or a HTML site within Sitebildz. You can then use an extensive list of WooCommerce premium WordPress themes available in SiteBildz Advantage (with new themes every month.) This is saves you the time of finding a theme and installing and the separate costs of purchasing premium themes.

- [B]Monetization and Affiliate Integration[/B]: Next, Sitebildz allows you to integrate monetization options with affiliate programs from ShareaSale, Clickbank, and Amazon. You simply search up the products on the Sitebildz Advantage platform and click “add” for whichever you want. It helps you gather all the information and add your selected product to your website.

This is useful because it replaces common plug-ins that you need to buy like EasyAzon and the likes. SiteBildz also has a feature to properly redirect your users base on their location to the right Amazon store to make sure you get the commission.

- [B]Search Engine & Social Analytics[/B]: Essential to any effective website management; these tools come from a Partnership with two leading SEO provider: SEMEASY and SEOMoz. Sitebildz Advantage even has a Social monitor to find ANY social mentions of your you know how your website is faring online.

- [B]Hassle Free Content & Royalty Free Image[/B]:

- [B]Website Promotion[/B]: A website wouldn’t be much use if there wasn’t any traffic. Sitebildz Advantage comes complete with a website

- [B]Website Management[/B]:

There are other convenient features in Sitebildz Advantage such as the multi-purpose privacy policy, Opt-in Forms, and search engine optimization. It also provides large customization options for your themes and site set-up.

We didn’t really have much space to go into further detail about each category although if you’re interested to learn more what SiteBildz can do for you with each sub-heading please check out the full SiteBildz Review and write-up on our blog.

[B][U]Who is Sitebildz For?[/U][/B]
[B]New Internet Marketers[/B] - SiteBildz is intended mainly for new internet marketers are those still looking to find something that suites them with internet marketing; it also works well for webmasters looking to scale their web development with auto site builder and content curator all in one.

It's a useful tool no doubt for most internet marketers who are starting out. We will be sharing our full SiteBildz review and video here shortly!

[B]Webmasters[/B] – This tool can help webmasters set up websites in one tenth a time it typically would. It helps with installation, themes, and basic site setup (privacy policy, contact us, Opt-in forms). Because of it’s flexibility, Sitebildz Advantage would be applicable to most webmasters today.

I personally found many of the tasks I use to do that would take me an hour was done in fraction of the time on Sitebildz.

[B]Domain/Website Flippers[/B] – SiteBildz was originally intended as a site-flipping tool of sorts. You would set-up these sites and you can sell it on SiteBidz which is their domain auction platform of SiteBildz Advantage. Anyone who is in the business of website flipping would find Sitebildz to be an advantageous tool. It can save you time and help you pump up more high quality websites to flip.

[B]Experienced Internet Marketers[/B] – Experienced internet marketers can still benefit from SiteBildz by using it as a tool to automate much of their typical everyday internet marketing tasks. Used correctly, Sitebildz Advantage can be a very flexible tool to help with a lot of promotional activities. (For example, maybe setting up a PBN using SiteBildz – you would be able to set up a highly functional site that seems as an authority site in a couple minutes hosted on 1 of 12 servers.)

[B]Biz Opt Groups[/B] – People who are looking for business opportunities may find Sitebildz to be an interesting investment. It has potential to help people make money online and allow you to set up website real estate for profit without much further training or technical skills.

[B][U]SiteBildz in Review[/U][/B]
In essence our review of Site Bildz reveals that it’s a time saver and a tool intended to help you make money online. Unlike most internet marketing products on the market today, I really think SiteBildz will offer value to their customers because of the time saved and opportunities offered – it can truly help some new internet marketers get on their feet with this industry! (Or assist seasoned patrons the opportunity to simplify most their work.) SiteBildz Advantage is an excellent tool for new internet marketers completed with affiliate training.

If you want to learn more about SiteBildz or find some Sitebildz Bonus please remember to check out our other SiteBildz blog post over here.

Please post any questions or comments you may have about SiteBildz advantage bellow! Feel free to link to any other SiteBildz review you're aware or to your own review site.

Thanks for reading our SiteBildz Advantage review blogpost :)
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