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[REVIEWED] Bring the Fresh 2014 Review

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Posted 12th August 2014 at 04:46 AM by humbledmarket

Bring the Fresh has continually been reinvented by Kelly Felix since its inception in 2011 (this was when I purchased Bring the Fresh FULL Disclosure which provides me FULL access to every Bring the Fresh content including BTF 2014)

[[B][URL=""]Bring the Fresh[/URL][/B] – Check out our detailed WF review of Bring the Fresh here + Bring the Fresh Bonus]

In today’s blog post we’ll be taking a look at the reinvented Bring the Fresh 2014 in review. The frequent question asked understandably would be whether Bring the Fresh still works three years later.

[B][I][U]“Does Bring the Fresh Still work?”[/U][/I][/B]
No, the original methods don’t work as they did anymore BUT as mentioned Bring the Fresh 2014 is loaded with a bunch of NEW methods and techniques that do work. The concept remains relatively the same; Kelly emphasizes on developing passive profits by building websites.

Although what charged primarily is how you go about the process. Previously, the emphasis was on now obsolete SEO techniques such as forum backlinks and simple skinny websites. Although now in Bring the Fresh 2014, users are building “authority” sites in the precious metals niche.

I should also mention that Bring the Fresh 2014 is more than a simple step by step method you can use to set up websites intended for your own profit; no, it actually is more than that. While BTF 2014 provides actionable information, it also largely teaches important and valuable conceptions such as copywriting and pre-selling. It also teaches onsite SEO which can come in handy with many businesses today (online or offline).

[B][U]How about the results with Bring the Fresh 2014? [/U][/B]
I haven’t had the opportunity to implement the Bring the Fresh 2014 course in it’s completeness (with the precious metals niche) although I have learnt significantly from the information shared which can be used to apply to other projects. All in all Bring the Fresh 2014 drives some tremendous value to anyone looking to get their feet into internet marketing (whether you’re a fresh internet marketer hoping to establish some passive profits or a seasoned internet entrepreneur looking for more ways to improve your work).

I do not think it is outdated. Kelly is a genius and seems to adapt to changes. This includes changes in Google and their Algos.

I have learned a tremendous amount over there. And I think it is a damn good bargain for the price[/QUOTE]

There have been numerous reviews on the members’ only forum sharing their successes with the precious metals niche some having ranked in $1000s from one site itself! I’ve managed to taken a few of these success stories to share on our site:

[B][U]Bring the Fresh 2014 Review[/U][/B]:
For these reasons collectively I am confident that Bring the Fresh 2014 is a legitimate course that will help many internet marketers who are serious about their business and want to learn more. Bring the Fresh 2014 is one of the rare courses that really packs a punch and delivers a significant value for its users - while helping others accelerate to passive revenue.

If you would like further information on the Bring the Fresh course collectively please be sure to check out our [B][URL=""]Bring the Fresh thread[/URL][/B].
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