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[MUST READ] Cloud PBN Overview of Wyatt Jozwowski’s Cloud PBN

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Posted 3rd September 2014 at 12:44 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 8th September 2014 at 03:39 PM by humbledmarket

Cloud PBN is the latest development by a trio internet marketing team which includes Wyatt Jozwowski (who would forget a name like that – Wyatt has had several highly successful products released, well received by his customers. He specializes with SEO (and creativity).
[[B][URL="http://www.iminfohub.com/product/cloudpbn-what-you-need-to-know-about-devin-zander-cloud-pbn/"]Cloud PBN[/URL][/B] <- bonus, review and more info on CloudPBN]

Joining Wyatt is Devin Zander who is a pro internet marketer behind products like RentaSERP and importantly Valentin Jed who is the developer for Cloud PBN. He is a talented coder with internet marketing expertise for a great combination.

Cloud PBN was launched September 3rd 2014 at around 11 AM and is designed to help you build private blog networks in minutes complete with management, content curation and link pyramids.

[B][U]CloudPBN 101[/U][/B]:
You’ve all heard about the secret weapon many SEO ninjas use for their on-demand website ranking. Private Blog Networks (PBN) has been widely famed for the SERP improvement noted on websites that successfully use PBN.

Problem is, develop a private blog network isn’t easy. It requires a lot of set-up cost, complicated management, planning, and execution. This is what Cloud PBN hopes to solve.

Cloud PBN is the latest project by SEO Specialist and internet marketing celebrity, Wyatt Jozwowski, it’s purpose is to make developing a private blog network easier, quicker, and even cheaper.

[B]CloudPBN is More than a blog management tool[/B]
Cloud PBN serves to be more than a blog network management tool. It even helps you curate content for your websites automatically while building 2nd tier backlinks on automation too. The combination of content and links can cut your work and cost of building a private blog network significantly.

Effectively, CloudPBN is an all-in-one blog network management tool. It’s the 2.0 of most tools you find online that help you manage your WordPress blogs all in one place because it does more than those blog management tools, it is designed specifically for private blog networks (maintaining some confidentiality and reducing footprints) and even helps solve your content/link-building necessities.

[B][U]What does Cloud PBN do for you?[/U][/B]
[B]Set up your Private Blog Network[/B] – Cloud PBN can help you create a perfectly optimized private blog network site in minutes; it does a lot of the tedious set-up process for you to make easier for you to manage your blog network.

[B]Manage your PBN[/B] – Use Cloud PBN to manage your private blog network. You can post and add things to your site all from one web-based controller. Having it web based is a tremendous advantage which means you can access from just about anywhere.

[B]Search Engine Optimization [/B] – One cool feature about Cloud PBN is the ability to automatically optimize your websites in your private blog network. You can structure your links and anchor text on multiple domains with Cloud PBN in one click. This can apply for more than your high PR domains but for any website network for that matter; as mentioned Cloud PBN is very similar to various expensive blog network management tools available on the web today…taken up a notch. Having a tool like CPBN to help you do your website optimization can save a lot of time.

[B]Content Curation[/B] – Nothing new though a good feature to have. CPBN can help you automatically generate curated content from text, videos, and images with a click. Don’t expect this to be premier worthy content though a very simple solution to automatic content.

[B]Link Building[/B] – Wyatt, has included link building feature directly within this private blog network management tool. You can create links automatically from uploading Youtube videos which serve as a useful second tier backlink source right from CPBN itself.

[B]Manage websites under one panel[/B] – See what the tool is actually doing by monitoring it’s activity online.
Cloud PBN takes a very complicated tasks and automates a large portion of your work in an organized and easy to use fashion. It’s a tool to keep your eye on and jump with if you’re intending to cash in on private blog networks and high PR links.

[B][U]What does CloudPBN NOT do for you?[/U][/B]
It’s important to have accurate expectation of the blog network management software. We want to clarify some things Devin Zander’s Cloud PBN will NOT do for you in this CloudPBN review.

1. [B]Cloud PBN will NOT help you find high PR domains[/B]: This is something I wish it would do although in reality finding High PR domains are already conveniently done with free online tools like expireddomains.net = The primary work is evaluating these domains through ahrefs.com, opensiteexplorer.com and making your decisions on which domain suites best for you. Perhaps this may be something that Wyatt Jozwowski, Devin Zander, and Valentin Jed may look into for future updates.

2. [B]Cloud PBN does not automatically set your web hosting:[/B] You still would have to choose your web hosting and ensure to get multiple IPs (ideally separate hosts instead) to set up your private blog network. Cloud PBN will serve well as a blog network management tool though to use it as a private blog network tool, you would require some additional work.

[B][U]How can you use Cloud PBN?[/U][/B]
Wyatt’s new tool can be used to automatically set up your own private blog network (and keep it managed) or it can be used for setting up profitable niche sites over time as well. Because this unique blog network management software has the ability for content curation and backlinking, the possibilities are quite limitless. Here are some specific ideas you may use to try and make some profitable returns with Cloud PBN.

1) [B]Build & Rent PBN[/B]: Selling PBN services is hot business right now with many leading internet marketers like Viper Chill, Maluna, and Steve in the business…it’s profitable and it’s fairly basic once you got your foundations set. Use CloudPBN to set up and manage your private blog network for renting or sales. Check out some of their threads to see the success.

2) [B]Develop for your personal use[/B]: Maybe use Cloud PBN to create a private blog network for your own websites and rank your sites or clients’ sites on demand within their niche. CloudPBN will save you the hassle of set-up and management that most have to work through. Use these private high PR domains to rank your sites above your competitors and possibility to increase your income exponentially (consider the first listing gets 50% CTR usually compared to half that for the 2nd position.)

3) [B]Build & Sell PBN[/B]: Private Blog networks are a hot real estate on the internet today. With Cloud PBN you can take it up a notch using it’s automatic set-up (for certain aspects) to build these private blogs an sell them online such as flippa.com or warriorforum.com These sites can typically range between $100-$500+ for a high authority domain which can generate some good re-sell profits for you

[B][U]Who is Cloud PBN for?[/U][/B]
[B]SEO Consultants[/B] – SEO consultants will find this tool useful for creating and managing private blog networks to rank their client’s site. Using a private blog network on your client site can mean more control over their links and better visibility for your client if done right. Cloud PBN is a tool that can be used to take away much of the hassle of setting up these sites for your clients. (you may choose to simply sell the links direct to their clients rather than a monthly complete service – many people understand the value of these links especially on a populated website)

[B]Affiliate Marketers[/B] – Affiliate marketers will find Cloud PBN to be a useful tool for setting up domains in the internet marketing niche (or whichever niche you’re in) to set your ranks pushed ASAP on demand which can make for some significant advantage during product launches and any promotion overall.
[B]Webmasters[/B] – Webmasters who invest significant work into their website, will want to see their website acquire as many web visitors as possible to make their time and resource invested more fully utilized. Cloud PBN can help you get more visitors to your website. Use private blog network to draw more users to your websites and rank higher on Google. Cloud PBN can help you do this by managing these secondary sites for you to save you time on investing your energy, resource, and time to your main site.

[B][U]CloudPBN Conclusion review[/U][/B]:
CloudPBN is a one of a kind tool that’s out on the market today. It’s an adaption of traditional blog management tools that range from (price here). The added advantage with CloudPBN is the specific adaption for managing private blog network inclusive with it’s convenient content curation and even link building features.

[B]CloudPBN Team and the Difference[/B]:
Though more importantly, what makes CloudPBN extra special is the team behind Cloud PBN software. This isn’t something that was whipped up in a matter of days as you may find with various internet marketing products. SEO Specialist and internet marketing expert, Wyatt Jozwowski (cool name eh) has envisioned Cloud PBN and convinced Valetin Jed (one of the most talented, and dedicated developers you may find in the IM community). This means CloudPBN doesn’t only come with the visionary ideas, industry expertise, and insider knowledge but it also has a skilled developer with industry and technical experience who can make a better execution of the idea into a software.

(Having worked with developers from India previously, I can tell you that it makes a whole lot of difference in terms of the software reliability and sustainability depending on the developer you hire. If you hire someone with industry experience who is dedicated and reliable like Valetin, someone you can communicate well with the more likely you’ll have a great end-product)

All in all Cloud PBN in review, is a tool that internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and private blog network owners will want to get their hands on to simplify their work already currently doing. It’s a unique tool that has recently hit the market with some serious potential to allow marketers better capitalize the opportunity with high PR/authority domain. As the increasing knowledge about the value of these PBN rise, Cloud PBN will be likely acclaimed by many internet marketers as a must have tool for private blog network owners which simplifies the work significantly and makes managing these separate domains more hassle free. Wyatt has done a great job in creating something as unique as cloud PBN. This concludes our Cloud PBN in review WF.
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