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[MUST READ] UberQast – ULTIMATE Swiss Army Knife by David Abrams (UQ Review)

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Posted 7th October 2014 at 12:42 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 18th April 2015 at 08:03 PM by humbledmarket

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Ever wondered what you might find in an internet marketer’s rendition of a Swiss Army Knife? Look no further because David Abrams and Joe Troyer has finally released UberQast. What’s UberQast you ask?
[[B][URL=""]UBERQast[/URL][/B] – It’s no Joke. UberQast review and inside look here. Click for special UberQast bonus]
Well in this review of UberQast we’ll look at how an internet marketer can use this new tool to help with their traffic generation, video SEO, and most other internet marketing tasks (presuming you own a website or you’re trying to sell something…)

[B][U]What is Uber Qast?[/U][/B]
An internet marketer is always juggling for time with their traffic generation tasks. UberQast seeks to help you with this by providing a semi-automated option for your traffic generation and Video SEO needs.

[B]Video Sharing Sites[/B] – Submit your video to over 200 video submission sites. The great thing about this feature is having a list of sites you can already submit to and being assisted in the process by using UberQast

[B]PodCast Directories[/B] – Get noticed and get links with submission tool to over 90 podcast directories.

[B]PDF Submission[/B] – PDF Submission are a great link opportunity for websites and videos. UberQast currently supports over 10 PDF submission sites (higher quality sites)

[B]Social Bookmarking[/B] – No SEO tool would be complete without a social bookmarking feature. When used correctly these Social Bookmarks can be very powerful booster links for your press releases or PDFs you launch with UberQast! Currently UQ supports 80 social sites which is impressive for a semi automated tool.

[B]RSS Submission[/B] – UberQast also has a RSS submission feature. Nothing to shout about though useful nonetheless.

[B]Press release Submission[/B] – Now this is something to shout about. UQ can help you submit your press release to 45 press release sites. Press release when used effectively can be a great source of link juice for websites and videos. Maybe submit 45 with videos though 5-10 selected list with your money site.

[B]MORE to come with UberQast[/B]. This isn’t a one off tool; David Abrams and Joe Troyer as some of you may know have quite a reputation online. They plan on continuing to improve UberQast so customers can expect more features to come. These updates includes (1) infographics, (2) article directories (3) website directories.

I think because UberQast is a tool they use themselves to rank their own web properties that both David and Joe have an added incentive to keep UQ up to date.

[B][U]Who is behind UberQast?[/U][/B]
Anyone who would review UberQast or any other internet marketing software should take a close look at the individuals running the show importantly. Let’s do that here.

David Abrams is an experienced internet marketer who specializes with internet strategies and SEO. He’s an expert at creative web promotion for traffic. I am confident that they have designed UberQast to be an active tool to help internet marketers generate traffic online easier – in short it’s a tool that works.

Joe Troyer. Joe Troyer, I don’t quite know as much though a quick Google search reveals that Joe is quite the pro with internet marketing and offline consulting. Joe has extensive experience with search engine optimization and helping small businesses. In other words he knows traffic generation and SEO.
Put the two expertise together and you get a duo team that should knock you out of the park in terms of expectation with UberQast. The cool thing adding to this talented team is their intention to carry Uber Qast with further updates and innovations.

[B][U]How does UberQast Work?[/U][/B]
To have a complete automated machine will result in over-spammed websites by a few users which renders your efforts useless, it also limits you from being able to reach the higher quality sites that will filter your submissions if you want it’s coveted link juice; to do things manually means you’re spending a lot more time that you actually should with trivial tasks. Intro UberQast now, UberQast provides a balance between both options to give you the best of both worlds so to speak.

[U]UberQast is NOT automated[/U]:
You can set up profiles and then it guides you through a semi automated process each time you need to submit a site. Having things set up this way allows you to have more of a quality control without the tedious clicking you may have to go through with submitting multiple sites like social bookmarks.

(I’ve tried to do manual submission for social bookmarks without our VA and it was VERY messy and tedious) a tool like UberQast makes things simpler and cleaner. As you can see UberQast is truly an all-in-one internet marketing, traffic generation tool that can help you be more effective to save time allowing you to direct your efforts effectively. It's a tool that can make you more profits because it can help you rank higher in Google when use effectively and generate more traffic. This versatile (and flexible) tool can be really effective when properly utilized as you will find. (and cheaply priced)

If you want more information about UberQast check out more reviews, bonuses, and insider look here.

Thanks Warriors

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