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[MUST READ] Spin rewriter 5 – reviewing the ultimate article spinner

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Posted 19th October 2014 at 12:45 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 21st October 2014 at 01:23 PM by humbledmarket

It’s no secret that Spin Rewriter 5 is being release on October 21, 2014 though you may be wondering what use you have of another article spinning tool; can Spin rewriter 5 top “The best Spinner”? In short, we dare say that it does!
[[B][URL=""][U]Spin Rewriter 5[/U][/URL][/B] - [B]Full review, bonus and specials[/B]]

This comes for several reasons (having used both Spin Rewriter and the Best Spinner) though one KEY emphasis is Aaron Sustar stands behind his products. We’re not kidding when you find out that Spin Rewriter has continuously been re-innovated and updated with the latest industry making spin to increase efficiency, speed, and accuracy of your article spinning.

Although this being said, Spin Rewriter 5 does have some flaws so we’ll take a closer look with this Spin Rewriter 5 review

[B][U]What is Spin Rewriter 5.0?[/U][/B]
Needless to say Spin Rewriter 5 is as its name implies. Although Spin Rewriter can serve for several purposes:

[B]Convenience [/B]– One great thing about Spin Rewriter 5 compared to the best spinner is the ability to get up and going. With Spin Rewriter 5.0, you do all your spinning and content sourcing online.

[B]Simplicity [/B]– This is content “creation” for lazy marketers. By this we mean, you basically don’t need any effort to getting uniquely spun articles. Literally with the latest version of Spin Rewriter 5.0 you can go onto the online members area
(1) Choose an article from their content search
(2) Automatically spin the article in seconds (they’ve increased speed by 80%!) saving you even more time.
(3) Add videos to be spun randomly within your articles (making it seem even more user friendly and unique)
(4) Use Spin Rewriter 5.0 to generate unique versions of your article for your usage or copy your spin code into your SEO tool.
There isn’t much technical or actual work to doing this with Spin Rewriter 5. You basically get SEO content for cheap and low opportunity cost with your time.

[B]SEO Articles[/B] – The content produced by Spin Rewriter 5 should not be used for your money site. It is very unique and well spun although may not be very engage for your audience. You can get thousands of different SEO articles using Spin Rewriter.

[B][U]Who is Spin Rewriter 5 for?[/U][/B]
[B]Internet Marketers[/B] – Internet marketers will enjoy the simplicity of the tool to create content for their marketing efforts. With affiliate marketers especially, you may choose to use Spin Rewriter to add more promotional efforts and distribute your spun content wider for more reach with Spin rewriter 5.0.

[B]Web masters[/B] – You may choose to use Spin rewriter 5.0 to promote your website or to take advantage of Web 2.0 sites. An idea might be to post your originally written content on your page and then spin various copies a syndicated link back from other web 2.0 sites (By this we mean, some sites may choose to have their content RSS to other sites such as WordPress, think of HootSuite and status posted to various social networks). Make the link more valuable by having your content variations on various Web 2.0 linking back to your original content.

[B]SEO consultants[/B] – SEO consultants will get the greatest benefit from Spin rewriter 5. With our Spin rewriter 5 review, we find that this tool can help many SEO consultants currently already using an article spinner to step up their game with a more efficient and intelligent spinner (that can also be used on any computer or platform you’re on because it’s hosted online!) This can save you time and give you an extra push to have more time to serve your clients and get results! What I especially like about Spin rewriter 5 is the feature to be able to integrate videos automatically spun and to even spin paragraphs which will truly be a tremendous advantage.

[B][U]Spin Rewriter 5 Review:[/U][/B]
As we conclude our Spin rewriter 5 review, we want to share a demo video for you here. Now we will close with highlighting the key differences with Spin Rewriter 5 compared to previous versions.

[B]What is Unique about Spin Rewriter 5[/B]:
1) [U]Spin Rewriter fetches relevant articles for spinning[/U] – Spin Rewriter 5 will now allow you to search a database of articles you can use by keyword and automatically spin them in the same screen! No need to source articles for your spinning anymore; this feature can save a lot of time and money.
2) [U]Faster services with Spin Rewriter[/U] - Did you know the tech genius with Aaron Sustar have optimized the tool for more performance and efficiency. What does this mean in review? Well, basically it means that you can get your articles 80% faster, instead of 5 seconds, 1 second.
3) [U]Spin Rewriter 5 has one click rewrite faster too[/U] – Your one click rewrite (the automated article feature) is now only 9 seconds to finish rewriting an article from the original 120 seconds taken on a 500 words article.
4) [U]Build in grammar and spelling checker[/U] – This is important; many algorithms can tell if your article has grammar or spelling issues. You can now check your article or grammar and spelling for easy fixes and better content.
5) [U]AUTOMATICALLY INSERT RELEVANT Youtube Videos with Spin Rewriter 5.0[/U] – Can you tell, we’re excited about this new feature in our Spin Rewriter 5 review? It truly changes the game and is quite unique, probably one of the first ARTICLE rewriter to actually implement something like this.
6) [U]Intelligently reorder paragraphs and lists[/U] – You can now select an option to automatically reorder unordered list and paragraphs without changing your contextual meaning ideally. This adds another level of uniqueness to your article that we find a key feature in our Spin rewriter 5.0 review. For example Spin Rewriter would not reorder this list though it would reorder the list we have mentioned above!
7) [U]MANY MORE Features[/U] – It doesn’t stop here, Spin Rewriter 5 has many other features that have been added because they add 10 updates every week. Although something else to mention might be the turbo button they’ve added and the database you get to use with Big Content search freely included within your Spin rewriter 5 subscription.

Where does that leave you? Well honestly, I suggest you hop on over to Spin rewriter 5 and check it out for a free trial after reading this review.

[B]Who is behind Spin Rewriter 5? (A look at Aaron Sustar)[/B]
Ok one more thing, we’re going to take a quick look at who is Aaron Sustar from Spin rewriter 5.0. I don’t think any review can be fully complete without looking at the individual and team behind the product. This is crucially important as people tend to reflect in their work they produce. Have a sloppy person and you get sloppy work, have a honest individual and you get honest work I think.

So what about Spin rewriter 5 review? Well personally from the little I’ve dealt with Aaron Sustar, he seems to be a solid guy. Aaron is a SEO guru and has been maintaining Spin Rewriter successfully for years.

We hope you have enjoyed our Spin Rewriter 5 review.
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