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[MUST READ] Audello review – Josh Bartlett Latest Audello Release

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Posted 29th October 2014 at 12:30 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 18th April 2015 at 08:03 PM by humbledmarket (How Audello Works update)

Some of you may know Josh Bartlett from Easy Video Suite (Easy Video Player) which revolutionized the video marketing and VSL for the internet marketing community. You might be glad to hear that Josh is back at it again with Audello…this time he has his eyes set on the PodCast market. Audello is EVS for PodCast and will likely be another HUGE game changer.
[Audello – Find bonuses and ways you can use Audello]

In this blog post we’re going to take a closer look at Josh Bartlett’s Audello which was released on October 28, 2014 (TODAY). Feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the comments bellow.

[B][U]What is Audello?[/U][/B]
Great question, who comes up with these catchy product names. Audello is an all-in-one platform to maximize your PodCasting success. Josh has put together Audello to help you record and upload PodCasts though it actually does more than that.

Audello is a software to:
(1) [B]Subscribers[/B] – Quickly build a subscriber list of fans. People who will buy from you likely.
(2) [B]Position[/B] – Position yourself as an authority in your niche WITHOUT needing to be an extrovert
(3) [B]Customers[/B] – Gain avalanche of customers that generate revenue every month.

Actually it isn’t really a software, nope not really. It’s a Service As A Software (SAAS) that works on Windows and Mac BUT also translates to an iPhone app! Yeap cool eh? You can now do PodCasts (make money online, get leads, and rabid followers) on your phone. Audello also comes with free, top-level Pod cast learning modules. In our review of Audello you seem to be provided (1) basic information to get started with pod casting (2) how-tos and walk through assistance (3) case studies from successful podcasters – some people are making $180,000/year or close to a million. Good podcasters to learn from with Audello.

Let’s get back to our question, What is Audello? We hope you’ve seen in our Audello review that it’s a software to help revolutionize PodCasting industry (opening opportunities for monetization and maximizing the vast audience you can tap) although it’s more than a software, it’s an all-in-one PodCasting solution to help internet marketing experts accelerate their traffic generating efforts or internet marketing newbies to learn and start a business even from scratch using Podcasting with Audello.

[B][U]Who is Audello for?[/U][/B]
Any Audello review would not be complete without highlighting who may benefit most from the tool. This is what we endeavour to do in the next couple sentences.

[B]New Internet marketers[/B] – Audello has been designed to be an all-in-one utility that you can use to start your own Podcasting channel and set up a highly profitable business. It has the training to the tools in one package. Importantly because PodCasting is now only catching on, the competition is still relatively lower than many other opportunities.

[B]Affiliate marketers[/B] – Affiliate marketers are looking for new ways to get traffic. List building has been famed for its incredible value and profitability, you can sell again and again. Now think what happen if you take that concept and boost the conversion rate by adding some personality and trust factor to it via a podcast? Yeap. Think about that for a while – this is what audello offers you.

[B]Audello for Business owners[/B] – Business owners can benefit from starting their own PodCast and establishing authority within their niche. It’s a great way to build leads and traffic over time.

[B]Video Marketing for Introverts[/B] – Perhaps you wanted to do video marketing though you were afraid of having to dress up and get in front of a camera if you wanted to do a video blog. Now, you can get the opportunity WITHOUT being on camera simply by adding a voiced personality. Start that vlog you wanted on a podcast instead and build a potentially highly profitable asset.

[B][U]How does Audello Work? (how to)[/U][/B]
To better understand Audello, you should know what it actually does and how it works.
1. [B]Audello training[/B] - When getting started with Audello, you can use their extensive training available to Audello users which includes PodCast training and software usage instructions.
2. [B]Audio Command Center[/B] - Next with Audello you can access your PodCast command center which will host every control you may need for your audio marketing similar to what EVP does.
3. [B]PodCast creation[/B] - Use Audello to create your PodCast or import a PodCast you've already created
4. [B]Submit your PodCast[/B] - Now that you've set up your PodCasting account and Podcast with the help of Audello, you can go ahead and start sharing your PodCast on the web through the tool itself. It will guide you through the submission process.
5. [B]Track Analytics[/B] - You can now use Audello to track how your PodCasts are doing, the # of views you're getting and other important statistics like you would require with any website or video marketing.
6. [B]Monetize your PodCast[/B] - Once you've gotten your PodCast up and submitted, it's time to monetize your asset. You can use your podcast to promote products or host guest speakers, Podcasting can be a very profitable business - one person in the Audello example is bringing in 100,000+/year with PodCasting.
7. [B]Add a Like Gate, Increase your following[/B] - Keep developing your audience. You can even add a like gate or an offer gate; as you might have known, this was a money feature with Easy Video Player and Josh has integrated this feature here as well. Continue to grow your audience socially with like gates; this will Audello feature will provide a significant advantage

Take a look at this Audello video in action to learn more about the tool and how it works.

[B][U]Who is Josh Bartlett (Audello Team)?[/U][/B]
There’s typically no need to introduce Josh Bartlett. Not when his products have been recommended by the likes of Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Omar Martin, Justin Brooks, Chris Farrell…caught your attention yet?

If you’ve read any of our other blog post you likely know I emphasize the importance of the team and people behind any internet marketing product when giving it a review; this is no different for our Audello review.

Josh is a man who understand customer service and honest work. It seems that Josh looks at changing an industry rather than simply pushing another duplicate tool out there. In fact, Audello has actually been in development for OVER 2 years! I think Josh wanted to get it perfect before releasing it to the public. You can tell, this guy stands for quality. Josh is certainly a good internet marketer.

Ps. Build more trust with your podcast page by adding a verification seal. Learn more about it here:
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