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[MUST READ] Source Phoenix in Review – SourcePhoenix is Alex Becker’s latest Source Wave.

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Posted 29th October 2014 at 11:09 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 1st November 2014 at 02:01 AM by humbledmarket

I would assume many of you have already heard of Source Phoenix by Alex Becker. So that means you’re reading this to learn more about SourcePhoenix and investigate a little further if it’s worth your investment?
[[URL=""]Source Phoenix[/URL] – Find bonuses and ways you can use SourcePhoenix]

Importantly, you would likely appreciate knowing as well how you can get a bigger bang for your buck with SP intending its launch for November 3, 2014. Welcome, and keep reading 

[B][U]What is Source Phoenix?[/U][/B]
He, great question. Needless to say Source Phoenix is the accumulation if the best SEO gurus you can find ramp into one neatly packed content delivery system (membership site). SP is intended to be an all-in course where you learn what you need to be a SEO master from the basic to the advance, super-guru, top-secret, special, special information that only the elite knows….seriously.

Though what does it actually cover?

[B]Model 1 – Core Training Module[/B]: Core Training Module of Source Phoenix as its name implies covers the essential information you need for advance SEO. It suites beginners looking for solid foundations course in SEO and possibly experts wanting to brush up their SEO knowledge.

[B]Module 2 – Source Phoenix Affiliate + Backlinking Module[/B]: This is the “money module” if there’s such a thing. Becker has managed to convince Dan Anderson to share with you his advance SEO secrets. Dan is grossing $100,000/month from affiliate SEO alone! Imagine attaining a fraction of that income? The module also covers effective SEO techniques for powerful and fast backlinking.

[B]Module 3 – Client Based SEO[/B]: Now Becker takes you to his friend Kotton Grammer who’s making 142k PER MONTH as a one man SEO agency. This means the guy is full-pro for SEO techniques AND Kotton likely has some tricks for effective techniques to finding, getting, and managing clients – which is the biggest challenge with client based SEO (imagine what a powerhouse if you can simplify client getting and management?).

This is likely one of the most important thing you can learn with client-based SEO – knowing how to have a proven system set up for clients is crucial. You get this in Source Phoenix.

[B]Module 4 – Fast SEO ROI[/B]: On this Source Phoenix’s SEO module Alex Becker unveils his proven system for selling SEO service to get fast return on investment. He even teaches you how he trains his stuff so you can eventually automate the process – VERY VERY interesting for many.

[B]Source Phoenix Summary[/B]: Effectively with Source Phoenix, you learn from the experts, three different approaches to making money with SEO. These are tested, proven systems that they are using themselves! It’s not theory, it’s not re-hashing – you actually learn from the best of the best in SEO. Adding to this, you build your foundation by learning how to do SEO effectively and building your marketing knowledge to implement the three techniques.

In my opinion, Source Phoenix is an excellent balance between book knowledge and how you can turn that into cash flow. It’s surely a competition for one of the best SEO courses in 2014.

[B][U]Who is Source Phoenix For?[/U][/B]
[B]Internet Marketers[/B] – Are you doing any form of internet marketing? Need Traffic? Well, we’ve got the solution for you – SOURCE PHOENIX. Call today and get your traffic in bus loads.

In all seriousness, SourcePhoenix will likely be helpful for many internet marketers because SEO is one of the better type of web traffic. With internet marketing, you typically need to sell something. You do this by (1) getting traffic (2) convert the traffic. Source Phoenix goes into detail about the crucial aspect of websites convert and teaches you how you can master one of the LARGEST quality traffic source, SEO. Hence, we believe SP SEO will be relevant for most internet marketers as long as they need traffic.

Especially note Alex Becker and Dan Anderson experience with making converting websites – if you can boost your conversion rate to 1% from 0.5% this will mean DOUBLE your current revenue. That’s why conversion is important and Source Phoenix SEO covers this.

[B]Newbie & Biz Opt[/B] – New internet marketers will take Source Phoenix with immense interest. The biggest issue with new internet marketers is SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome). You need to take action and stick to one thing.

To do that, a new internet marketer should find a course that can provide you honest, reliable information, a course that can provide you the FULL scope of information you require and then TAKE action.

Source Phoenix is sharing tested techniques and covers all bases including the basics to advance SEO; this makes it an ideal course for any new internet marketers, people looking for business opportunities, or individuals wanting to make money more online. You can learn the full knowledge details and how to implement it without anything being hidden. Because of its high ticket item, Alex Becker of Source Phoenix has a greater obligation to ensure SP is complete and not another leaking eBook

[B]Business Owners[/B] – Business owners can save by getting Source Phoenix. You learn the techniques many SEO firms don’t even know. This will allow you to either:
(1) do SEO yourself if you’re a SME and interested in the excitements of internet marketing – PS. Join Warrior forum if you do, you’ll learn a lot here and get a community to support you in your IM endeavors
(2) know what your SEO people are doing and get them on their toes – when people think you don’t know the techno lingo, you may get charged more than you should. Like how a tourist can get ripped off in some countries. Knowing your basics and knowing the advance techniques, you can ensure your SEO guys are doing what they should be and charging you fair market price – because you really see how much work precisely it takes.

[B]SEO Learners[/B] – For SEO Learners, Source Phoenix is a gold mine of information. Find everything from the basics foundational information to getting the opportunity to learn from the EXPERTS in their respective fields. It’s like eating Italian food from an Italian chef, sushi from Japan, or cheesecake from New York. You really do learn from some of the best in the field and find out SEO tricks that are not shared about commonly on forums or blogs – insider information, shhhh

[B]SEO Experts[/B] – Source Phoenix also has nuggets for the SEO pros. Because this is a course ultimately designed by SEO pros, you can learn from your peers the latest tricks, what works and what doesn’t in SEO. Build onto your knowledge and excel even better at what you do.

As a SEO expert you already know the value of learning and what others bring to the table. Source Phoenix is the place where many SEO experts have claimed to find nuggets of information.

[B][U]Source Phoenix Bonuses[/U][/B]: How do you get the bigger bang for your buck with Source Phoenix? Simple, you find a Source Phoenix bonus that suites you best. Find ideally a bonus that might provide you some tangible value in the form of service and add to your knowledge such as eBooks.

With Alex Becker Source Phoenix SEO course, you are already going to be loaded with information; you need to implement the information. Hence I would suggest you look for a SP bonus where you can use for actual monetary value – by this I’m referring to service…whether this is SEO service, writing service, or a virtual assistant.

Alex Becker will cover information on how to find SEO services you can buy online although you want to ensure that you get a head start by getting your money’s worth in services to get started – you can then find more through his method later.

You don’t really need further information at this time with what you get in Source Wave Source Phoenix, you’ll be busy and ready for SE.
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