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[MUST READ] Local Whiteboard Video Producer Volume 5 - Matt Bush Commercial

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Posted 7th November 2014 at 04:50 AM by humbledmarket
Updated 16th November 2014 at 01:41 AM by humbledmarket

UPDATE = Todd Gross has recently released [B][URL=""]Explaindio Video Creator[/URL][/B]! It's a great tool to complement Dynamic VSL to create video sales letter and engaging sales video.

Hey Warriors,

We're excited to let you know that Matt Bush is releasing Volume 5 of Local Whiteboard Video Producer.
[[B][URL=""]Local Whiteboard Video Producer Vol 5[/URL][/B] - Click here for LWVP review, bonus, and info!]

[B][U]What is Local Whiteboard Video Producer? [/U][/B]
We're glad you asked; it's only the HOTTEST thing in offline consulting currently as it pertains to whiteboard sketches or video animation.

Here's how it works, Matt has combined his 5 years of experience in offline consulting (He knows what business owners want and how to sell for them) to create a pack of four commercials for different offline niches. Local Whiteboard Video Producer niches are usually chosen carefully - looking for businesses that are in desperate need for a video sales letter.

[B]Professional Local Whiteboard Video Producer[/B] - You get four professionally created local whiteboard video commercials complete with quality audio voice-over (You can profit from Matt extensive experience creating engaging whiteboard video experience who has been making whiteboard videos for a long time).

[B]Extra videos to sell the commercials[/B] - Now with these niches selected for you from Local Whiteboard Video Producer 5, you're even provided an additional 4 videos to sell the initial commercials to business owners.

The ideal outcome is a simple pre-packaged from Matt's LWVP having what you need to make some simple profits by selling these commercials to offline businesses.

[B][U]Local Whiteboard Video Producer 5[/U][/B]:
The above explains the idea behind Local Whiteboard Video Producer in general although you're likely on the edge of your seat to know the niches in Volume 5

The selection of niches in volume 5 is an impressive bunch (personally my favourite is Volume 3 although LWVP 5 comes pretty close):
- CPA Accountant
- Debt Counselling
- Credit Repair

To learn more about the niches in Local Whiteboard Video Producer 5, check out our full Warrior Forum thread on LWVP.

[B][U]How can use you Local Whiteboard Video Producer?[/U][/B]
There are more ways that you can effectively use Matt Bush's Local Whiteboard Producer Vol 5. Sure you could take the traditional route and directly resell the video commercial for some revenue (even one sale will recoup your investment although here are more ideas):

[B]Lead Capture[/B]: These whiteboard video commercials could be used very effectively for lead capture. Consider this, getting Local Whiteboard Video Producer 5 for under $10 and offer local businesses in the same niche the video freely (or for a nominal fee of $25). Once you've sold them the video, see if you might be able to help them promote the video - video promotion services are easy and very profitable. (Charging $399 per video ranking or $150/month can given you some good returns on your LWVP investment)

Personally I think that these whiteboard video commercials can be very creatively used in a variety of ways to get more local clients un-intrusively.

[B]Upsell Whiteboard Video Commercial[/B]:
Maybe you already have clients in one of the four niches of volume 5. Since you already got your clients, increase your revenue stream by selling them this video (and video promotional services) for a good margin.

Business owners would willingly pay $100s to create a video commercial; customize this pre-developed to help your clients get a professional industry commercial for a fraction of the price.

[B]Direct Profit LWVP 5 videos[/B]: Lastly, you might want to simply resell Local Whiteboard Video Producer 5 online. Since the video commercial is done for you along with the sales video (for selling the video commercial) you might be able to do fairly well simply sending the sales video to business owner and a well priced "buy now".

Thanks for reading our blog post on Matt's Volume 5 release of LWVP. If you have any questions regarding Local Whiteboard Video Producer, please give us a shout on our WF thread

(Make your OWN whiteboard sales video and animation without any technical skills using [URL=""][B]Explaindio Video Creator![/B][/URL] <- our blog post here.)
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