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[Special] Explaindio Video Creator Closing launch offer

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Posted 21st November 2014 at 12:45 PM by humbledmarket

Explaindio Video Creator has been the buzz of internet marketing over the past week and with good reason.
[[URL=""][B]Explaindio [/B][/URL]- Our WF Thread with Explaindio Bonuses, full review and more]

Explaindio is probably the latest and most flexible video maker tool for internet marketers, webmasters, business owners and offline consultants.

Some of you may know about our Explaindio Review thread here. Having a review copy, I’ve been enjoying making a bunch of sales videos and serious it’s probably the best video creator tool featured on WF till date.

Make sure to [URL=""]check out our thread[/URL] for some Explaindio bonus; the Explaindio launch is closing TODAY.

After their launch, the price will sky-rocket and many bonuses will be taken off. Make sure you check it out soon. Meanwhile, here’s more information about the software:

[B][U]What does Explaindio do?[/U][/B]
- [B]Whiteboard Videos[/B] = You can use the software to create whiteboard sketch videos. These videos are highly in demand currently. Similar to Easy Sketch Pro, you can quickly and easily draw up engaging whiteboard videos to captivate your audience and boost your conversions.
- [B]Video [URL=""]Animation[/URL][/B] = You’ve likely seen these kind of videos on some of the latest internet marketing product sales pages or even some national company videos. These video animation are another great way to share your story while keeping your audience entertained with the simple animation which point attention to your story. With Explaindio, you can choose from over 20 video templates (and more coming when the market place is open) to select selected slides or full minute videos for sharing your story. This is great for any business niche, doctors, or sales page.
- [B][URL=""]Kinetic Typography[/URL][/B] = How cool is this? You can use Explaindio to combine whiteboard videos with Kinetic typography. These can emphasize your message to viewers and is a great effect which is EASY with Explaindio Video Creator template to use.
- [B]HD Presenter Video[/B] = Now this is something unique that an IM based video software has yet to do. It’s very cool and has HUGE functionality. You see this effect in quite a lot of professional TV commercials (companies pay huge $$$ to make these commercials ~ while you may not get the same flexibility you can get something similar to what these big companies use for a lot less). This allows you to build onto HD video backgrounds in sharing your story.
- [B]Record a video animation[/B] = Explaindio allows you to build a video on a video. You can use your animation to be recorded as a HD Background to work ontop of that.

Basically, reviewing over the past three weeks of using Explaindio, I’ve found it to have a lot of very cool feature that open numerous opportunities for creating professional videos and being creative in how you want it done. At the same time, they’ve made it so simple that after watching two tutorial videos I could get immediately to making some videos for local businesses.

Consider using Explaindio to provide video making services (which are selling very well) on Fiverr or internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum. Alternatively, use Explaindio to make your own whiteboard sketch commercial or business video. Searching on Google right now, people are charging $1690 for one video. That’s some HUGE savings if you can make a quality sales video yourself with video creator tools like Explaindio.

[Quote] Tired of restrictions in your video maker? You are going to LOVE THIS!Explaindio just added a NEW feature to move and re-size video and images on animated slides - this makes Explaindio the MOST customizable and valuable Video Creator available anywhere. You have freedom to easily make any kind of video you need![/Quote]

[B][U]How Explaindio Works?[/U][/B]
Much like VideoMaker FX, Explaindio is very intuitive and easy to use for making some professional sales video. It works by allowing you to customize video slides with your own content. The video creator also has a whiteboard sketch feature where you can select from 100s of images that it will sketch for you (choosing from 20 different variation of hands at your choice) to share your story.

For the Whiteboard sketch video, Explaindio allows you to set the order of the whiteboard drawing and set your speed of drawing. Beyond selecting from 20 different variations of hands (I personally like the back-handed drawing) you can also add more images; if you want you can even import your Easy Sketch Pro images for drawing opening huge possibilities for what you can make!

[B][U]How to use Explaindio Video Creator?[/U][/B]
[B]Make Money with Offline Business Videos [/B]= Have you considered using Explaindio Video Creator to offer offline businesses a customized commercial. Maybe charge them $250/video (which is a bargain considering most firms online charge $300+/minute) for something that may take you 30 minutes to make with Explaindio. More and more business owners are realizing the importance of marketing their business, especially how crucial video presentations are to sharing about their business…many businesses invest in TV commercials too. With Explaindio you can use the HD background presenter for some great business demo and commercials.

[B]Lead Capture with Explaindio Video Creator[/B] = Maybe you’re a offline business consultant. You can use Explaindio as a foot in the door to get more clients. Easily make a simple video commercials as a lead capture for offline businesses. Possibly charge $25-$50 simply to engage your target audience (then using the software to create a simple video in under 30 minutes). Once you got the new client you can up-sell them on your other services such as video promotion, SEO, or web design. A small investment of time can result in large profit.

[B]Quick make money online with Explaindio[/B] = If you’re new to internet marketing and looking to make some money online. Maybe consider using Explaindio Video Creator to offer valuable video creation or customization. The nice thing about this proposition is the low amount of advertising or promotion you need. Simply set up a gig on [URL=""]Fiverr video services[/URL] and get customers coming to you or use the Warrior forum. There is a lot of potential for this under-fulfilled service with a high perceived vaue.

Why this might be a good idea (1) Fiverr will recommend users services when browsing their site (2) Fiverr is currently ranking on the first page for "video animation" meaning people will find your service easier (3) You can actually price your service well using Fiverr as a lead capture again to up-sell more services.

[B]Promote Affiliate products using EVC[/B] = You can use Explaindio Video Creator to promote affiliate products. Present and share information about affiliate products (videos are more favored than most text content ~ it’s different and a lower supply than text review meaning you can more easily get interested people watching your video) without putting your face on camera. You can present the product and tell about the benefits very easily with EVC. Make affiliate commissions.

[B]Product Sales Letter/Video Sales Letter[/B] = Video Sales Letters work! They convert well when done right. Although they can also be VERY expensive. Why not make your own VSL using the new Explaindio tool. You can get all the features you might want for a product video review. Save some money and use Explaindio Video creator to make your product demo videos or video sales letter. high-demand market!

[B][U]Explaindio Video Creator Launch Closing![/U][/B]
Todd Gross and the team at Explaindio Video Creator are closing the launch special for the product. It has been running for a little under two weeks and have been one of the BEST selling product on JvZoo. They have sold over 10,000 copies during their launch and it has been well received by customers.

This means you can likely expect continual improvements and update for the tool in the coming months with feedback from other customers.
Although with this as well Explaindio Video Creator is closing their launch special today (Friday November 21).

Althoguh I would advice against any rash decisions; make sure you properly consider the value proposition before the special closes.
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