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[MUST Read] Peter Garety’s P1 Video Magnet

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Posted 21st November 2014 at 03:03 PM by humbledmarket
Updated 28th November 2014 at 10:46 PM by humbledmarket

P1VideoMagnet has been out on the market for 3 days now. In this blog post we’ll take a look at P1 Video Magnet and unveil some of the Best P1 Video Magnet bonuses we’ve notice online (including our own).

[[B][URL="http://www.iminfohub.com/product/p1-video-magnet-peter-garety-best/"]P1VideoMagnet [/URL][/B]– Find P1 Video Magnet review, bonus, and discount]

I would assume many of you have already head of P1 Video Magnet, so we're not going to go through the features again (though it's on IMInfoHub). Instead, here are some ideas of how you can use P1 Video Magnet as a bonus comparison.

Here are the key gems found with the P1VideoMagnet template however:
[QUOTE](1) [B]Search engine friendly[/B] – P1VM is created to be fully SEO optimized meaning you won’t be impeded from using the template when it comes to search engine traffic. Peter Garety has been famed for his website softwares and he knows how to optimize websites effectively; the P1VideoMaker is search engine optimized.

(2) [B]P1 Conversion Module[/B] – What is this? The P1 Conversion Module is a feature integrated to P1VM to help you with visitor engagement; this means you easily set it up for converting valuable opt-ins or social interactions.

(3) [B]Social friendly[/B] – Now we’ve come to see the importance of social in today’s marketing environment. Social interaction not only gets you immediate (sometimes viral) traffic, it is also an effective from of SEO promotion. Peter is quite smart in looking at the overall picture and long-run value to emphasize on integrating a lot of social bar and social features. This can help you make better use of the growing importance of being socially friendly website.

(4) [B]Content Curation system[/B] – So now you can easily set up excellent SILO sites with P1 Video Magnet, you then need content. P1VideoMagnet has an option to create pages and categories with your keyword although you can couple this with P1 Video Curator (which is an up-sell unfortunately) to semi automatically create pages loaded with content using your keyword categories and pages! This is a very powerful feature that can save you tremendous amount of time and help you develop authority site.
Once again, the emphasis is that P1VideoMagnet is not another automated video site template. It was designed to look good as an authority site, a lead capture site, a local business directory/website, or a video site. [/QUOTE]

[B][U]How can you use P1VideoMagnet?[/U][/B]
[B]Niche Sites with P1VM[/B] – P1 Video Magnet can be useful for creating niche sites. Consider using the template to easily set up niche sites structured and optimize. P1VM can help you import your niche keywords and easily manage pages in an aesthetically friendly way to engage your audience. Use the different pages to then gather leads with a pop-up opt-in banner.

[B]Viral Video Sites[/B] – You’ve all known about the viral trends on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Pictures/Meme took up virally and sites like ViralNova are still cashing in big time. Actually Glenn Allsopp from [URL="http://www.viperchill.com/100k-one-week/"]ViperChill even did a report[/URL] on the profitability of these kind of sites.

Another wide open space however lies with viral video sites. There is so much viral video content that is being shared freely online which is not being used or getting the daylight it should! When vines took an upturn, it showed that people do like viral videos. Use P1VideoMagnet to create a viral video sites and possibly get loads of traffic to your website like those viral picture sites…server crushing traffic.

[B]Offline Business sites with P1 VM[/B] – As this may seem far-fetched, it isn’t really at all. Offline businesses need engaging web 2.0 websites to stand out from their competitors. Since many web audience appeal better to videos than text, businesses can use P1 Video Magnet to create their video based website. This would be great for real estate sites who want to demo home sales. The easily to use template and quick video integration would be very effective for businesses who want to provide an entertaining and open look at their product and services.

[B]Lead capture sites with P1VideoMagnet[/B] – Finally, we’ll close off with something similar to #1. P1 Video Magnet can be used as a lead capture site. Lead capture is big because leads can convert to customers you are able to market over and over. Use the tool to create websites for lead capture with opt-in feature. Maybe consider an internet marketing site each page featuring a video of a free product with an opt-in form at the bottom. Maybe create your own freebie/coupon site with P1VM. What benefits is the easy to use template and professional look designed with audience engaging in mind.

[B]Sell your sites on Free Market [/B]- If you're looking to make money online; you may consider setting up sites quickly with P1VM and then flipping them as niche sites on [URL="http://www.freemarket.com"]Freemarket [/URL](free listing).

Overall there are many more options that you can use P1VideoMagnet for. While it is a WordPress template at the essence, it can do way more than that. The flexible and easy to use, feature pack template will be well complemented with P1VideoCurator. My only gripe about this P1VM offer is that the P1 Video Curator should be integrated directly.

[B][U]P1 Video Magnet Bonuses[/U][/B]:
With a launch like this, one thing you can expect is having 100s of internet marketers pushing their P1VideoMagnet Bonuses to up the value of the product. It can be difficult to find all the bonuses and even harder to decided which P1VM bonus is best for you.

As we created our own P1VM bonus package, available here. I tried to consider, what can help someone using P1VideoMagnet.

(1) Well this is essentially a done-for-you tool. It helps you set up your website and helps you organize your keyword, it can even help you create your content. Someone getting this probably wouldn’t need a bunch of books on internet marketing (which they probably won’t read or use anyways). They may however benefit from some guidelines on search engine optimization since you may choose to use P1 VM for setting up authority websites to make money off ads traffic and CPA/Affiliate offers. To do this however, you need a cheap and effective stream of traffic, this can come from social and from SEO as the two major source of traffic.
So we decided to [U]include our SEO Ultimate 2014 [/U]guide in our P1TrafficMagnet bonus package. Along with this, our guide on how to exploit (use) social and web 2.0 sites for large burst of traffic is included – fittingly called Social Explosion.

(2) Following this, you got a done-for-you website builder. A tool like P1 Traffic Magnet is intended to make your work easier. The biggest hassle would be in the traffic generation specifically with the SEO work. This is why we decided to include some SEO services as a bonus for P1VM. This should help get a head start and make things easier in promoting your website. For P1VideoMagnet, we’ll provide a comprehensive [U]web 2.0 backlink campaign[/U] to get you backlinks from several [U]web 2.0 sites that are supported with social bookmarks and wiki backlinks[/U]. This will help with your website SEO. Total link around 500+

(3) You also need to consider the future promotion, you want to rank more pages so to get more traffic over time. Hence included in the P1 Video Magnet bonus is a [U]discount for future SEO services[/U] off our already internet marketing WF service prices.

(4) Lastly, you really want to utilize the social features and social proof emphasized on P1VideoTrafficMagnet. It can also be hard to get the first few social signals. So we’re going to [U]include 500 social votes comprising of votes from the top 4 social sites[/U] (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest). These can be spread across your site to kickstart your social counter and get more people willing to like/share your pages naturally for some viral/social traffic!

(5) Fast Action Bonus – We’re not done yet actually. For the first 25 people who get P1VideoMagnet through us, we decided to include a special social package…[U]authority social bookmarks[/U]. More about that on our website though. It’s not your traditional bookmarks. It [U]combines the value of social traffic with the value of SEO traffic[/U]!

I mentioned as well that we’d compare some other [B]P1VideoMagnet bonus[/B]. Here are a list of a few other bonuses that I think are well designed for you if you get P1 Video Magnet.

Anyways, thank you for reading our blog post on P1 Video Magnet. You may have noticed I accidentally called P1 Video Magnet, P1 Video Traffic Magnet. I did notice it although I decided to leave it because it’s quite fitting. While it is a video marketing tool, you stand to gain a lot of traffic when use correctly; kept thinking about the amount of traffic this little template can get lol.

[U]Source[/U]: [url]http://www.iminfohub.com/product/p1-video-magnet-peter-garety-best[/url]
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